2 Day/2 Park. Thinking about All Harry Potter on Day 1 and the rest on Day 2. Thoughts?

MWe are planning a 2 day visit and will have park to park tickets. Looking through the 2 day plan in the 2016 edition of the book, I’m concerned about the Harry Potter activities being so spread out in time. First I’m worried it we will loose some of the “magic” by having some of the non HP stuff mixed in. I’m also worried that we will never get to the later stuff or be so tired at that point so as not to enjoy it.

So I’m wondering what your thoughts are about having one day focused entirely on the Wizarding World and using the second day to hit all the non HP things.

Does this make sense? Any gotchas I might be missing?

We are staying at the Royal Pacific so will have the Universal Express Pass. Visiting first week of June which looks good for crowds. Only a 5 or 6.

Following along, as I had the same questions!

There is a 1day wwohp plan under the uni part of the web site that is very good. (; You might need to add on the uni sub though to access it) Its found under adult plans and is in 2 parts 1 for each park… If you use the wwohp plans they work best by evaluting instead of optimising due to v the specific way they are formatted. For 2 day make a personal plan for each park listing everything missed on day 1 that you want to do. Then match up your departure/arrival time. Many people do Uni this way.
In reality if you have exp pass day 2 won’t need a plan apart from do DM at rd. But a list of priority rides to mark of in each park might ensure yiu don’t miss anything. You never know Kong might be open by then

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I’d say go for it…just came back (CL 4 one day, 8 the other) and if I did it again would design my schedule for HP day 1 and rides day 2. I also had universal EP. If US has early entry, you might consider taking the HEX after riding Gringotts to catch forbidden journey at IoA (and rest of hogsmeade) before coming back and exploring diagon alley…neither of these take EP. Still don’t think seeing all HP stuff will take entire park day. If you want to catch some rides at whichever park you end up in day 1 (after HP stuff), you can cross that off your list for day 2. EP really shortens lines, except during Mardi Gras :wink: We also spent some afternoon time in the pool at the hotel…highly recommend if you have little ones.

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Thanks all. Mumcalsop: I followed most of your message except the last part, “if you have exp pass day 2 won’t need a plan apart from do DM at rd.”

What does DM at rd mean? Thanks.

Dispicible Me ride at rope drop ( park open). Exp pass line wait regularly reaches 45 mins within an hour of park open and stays high to park close. It is a low capacity slow loading ride so it is recommended to ride it during early entry.

For both of my trips last year, I dedicated an entire day to only HP. Like you, I wanted to keep the magic and stay with the theme. I will say, however, that I think you CAN do an entire day of only HP. When I took my trip with my sister, we literally spent about five hours in Diagon Alley alone, casting spells, watching shows, and absorbing all the details. It is truly amazing. If you really do everything you can possibly do and still have some time left, I would suggest sticking to just one other themed area, such as Jurassic Park or Dr. Seuss , rather than jumping around the park. You will have a fantastic time!