2 consecutive times at same attraction with FP on 2nd time through?

I’m trying to make personalized TP where I ride TSM before my FP window and then ride it again WITH the FP. It chooses to use the FP on the first time through and makes me wait until the window opens up. Is there a way around this? TYIA

I remember having this problem, but I cannot recall how @len resolved it - perhaps he can jump in with the answer.

Post a link to the plan, @sgramows, and I can take a look this week.

If I recall correctly, the Optimizer should be trying to figure out whether you’ll save more time by using the FP with the first or second ride. And it may also add a bit of free time before using a FP, if that’s better than riding standby. But I’m not sure how those two scenarios combine together.

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