2 Bedroomed Sarratoga Springs Question

We are going to WDW next August for 16 days or more (UK based). We have an usual dynamic of family. So here goes, going will be myself and my husband along with our 7 year old son. This will be our sons 2nd trip. We are also foster parents and are taking our foster children with us who are 2 boys aged 12 & 8 and a girl aged 7. Due to fostering rules my son cannot share a room with the two boys. The two boys will have one bedroom and the girl will be on the bed in the living area, so our son will be sharing our room. What are the chances of requesting and getting a pullout bed in our room if we explain our dynamics? Our son is 6 at the moment and often gets mistaken for a 10 year old, hes very tall for his age so I am not sure that a trundle bed will work. The other option I suppose would be to buy a blow up bed from Walmart or get one delivered via Amazon.

Anybody have any other ideas.
thanks guys

Not sure about the pullout bed, but would it work to switch rooms? When we stayed in a 2 bedroom at SSRS we had a king size bed in the master then 2 beds in the 2nd room. I don’t remember if they were double size or queen. But if you and your husband take the 2nd bedroom there would already be a 2nd bed for your son. Then the 2 other boys could share the king size bed in the master. Would that be allowed, or do the 2 boys require separate beds?

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No they cant share, which would be ideal. If they could share I don’t think they would anyway. It was a thought I had. thanks

I would try to call and explain your situation. I think in this case they should be able to accommodate you. We actually brought a blow up bed to POP as our son refused to sleep with grandma. It worked out fine. I respect your effort to follow the rules. I’m sure many others wouldn’t. What a great memory for all the kids!

Thanks @Legomaster225 we has foster carers are the memory makers for these children, some of their past memory’s aren’t very nice, so we have to let them know that life can be better and give them memories that they want to hold onto and maybe, just maybe want to give to there children which would enable them to break the cycle, hopefully.

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