2 Bedroom vs 2 Bd Lockoff in Room Finder

We’re heading to BLT soon! and I have a question. When I reserved the room with Disney reservations, there wasn’t a choice between “2 Bedroom Villa Theme Park View” and “2 Bedroom Lockoff Theme Park View.” When I go to the Room Reservation/Finder on the website and select 2 bedroom theme park it shows a set of about 4 rooms on each floor. If I select 2 bedroom lockout, it appears to show the same 4 rooms. Am I missing something?

We had a 2 bedroom back in 2016 and I want to be sure we get a 2 bedroom NON lockout room this time. Should I specify that in my reservation request?

Appreciate any assistance.


If it doesn’t say “lock-off” on your reservation, it is a dedicated 2 bedroom.

Are you sure about that? I did not think that DVC differentiated between them, so if you reserved a 2-bedroom you could get either type.

They are separate booking categories for points stays.

Ah, I see now. The points charts do not indicate this, as they cost the same.

Thanks for the responses. To clarify, I am not a DVC member and didn’t buy points. I used regular Disney Reservations from the Disney website. :slight_smile: On their site, the only option is 2 Bedroom Villa.

In looking at the rooms on the Room Finder, I can’t tell if the Finder differentiates or shows which rooms are which. This would be super helpful since we want to be sure we request a non lockout room.

What does it say you have by way of beds?

If it has two queen size beds in the second bedroom it’s a dedicated. So it should show 1 King, 2 Queens, 1 sleeper sofa and 1 sleeper chair.

A lock-off has a studio as the second bedroom, so would have 1 Queen and a sleeper sofa (and a kitchenette). But that second sleeper sofa is the clue.

On MyDIsneyExperience it simply says “2 bedroom villa” with no further definition of beds…

So my real question is, when looking at the TouringPlans Room Finder at the BLT two bedroom units, can I tell which rooms are dedicated and which are lockoff so I know specifically what to put on my request?

Thanks so much!

I would describe what you want, rather than put actual room numbers down.

For a start, they have far less flexibility to allocate room requests at DVC resorts. They are 95% occupied year round, and everything depends on who else is checking out the day you arrive.

Secondly if you put room number #7234 and no explanation, they have no idea if it’s the floor you want, that end of the building or what.

If you want a higher floor, say that. If you want to be near the Contemporary, then put that down.