2 ADR Questions


I am fine-tuning my ADRs for our family trip at the end of January. There are six of us and I am the only one with a MDE account, so I’m the one making ADRs and FP reservations (starting next week) for the whole family. I would like to treat my parents to a quiet dinner for just the two of them and have made a reservation for two people at San Angel Inn. My question is whether I personally need to be present at check-in, since I made the reservation in my name, using my own MDE account. I have this vague recollection of the host/hostess scanning my magic band when I arrived for ADRs on my last trip. I can add one of my parents to my reservation but I can’t add both…if I add one of them, can that parent scan their magic band so I don’t need to be present?

A related question: I have never tried to overlap ADR times with FP windows before… if I try to make FP reservations for myself and my siblings during the same window of time as my parents’ ADR (which, again, was made in my name!), will I run into issues?


Second point first - no issues. You will get a warning about the overlap but it doesn’t’ stop you.

ADR - not a problem at all. They just turn up and whoever you put on the reservation can scan their band. They don’t even need a band. They can just give the name on the reservation when they check in.

I agree though I might caution that if you are using a Dinning Plan or want to pay for their meal by using the Magic band, make sure they are added to your MDE account.

Thanks, guys! That is good to know! :grinning: