2.5 days at Easter

We’ll be arriving late Friday afternoon (4ish) and need to pick a park (no p2p tix). Both are CL=9. On Sat and Sun we’ll have unlimited Express passes, but not on Friday. Should we concentrate on shows in US on Friday? Or would it be better to have an extra 1/2 day in IoA even without EPs? I expect all virtual line times will be gone; is that correct?

Don’t worry about Virtual Lines, I don’t expect them to be in use. Check back that week to see if my expectations are correct or if Universal does bring them back for that week.

Anyway, focusing on shows on Friday is a good choice. I also the wait times for rides will plummet the last half hour the park is open so you can probably fit in some attractions then too!


It all depends what is important to you. If you really want to do Hagrid’s or VC late Friday, you may want to do IOA since you will only have one other day there for those headliners.

But in general, USF has more things to do like the shows so it’s really up to your preference.

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Why don’t you expect the Virtual Lines to be in use? I know they only use them when lines are long, but I would think crowd levels of 9s and 10s would qualify. I haven’t used them. If they are in place, do they have drop times like the FPP system used to? Would I be able to get in that late in the day? I can’t get in until on site, correct? We’ll be in Winter Park, FL in the morning - guessing that’s too far away.

Virtual Lines were not even used during the highest crowd Christmas time holidays this past December. Universal was last “testing” the VL system through an external site last summer. There is no word if or when they will be using it again in the future.