2/2016 Fantasmic dinner package

Trying to make Fantasmic dinner reservations for February, but I can’t even interact with the calendar for that month. Anyone know why since it is less than 180 days out? Also - how much before the show time do we need to eat to get to the show on time?

I was listening to a podcast this morning and they said Fantasmic was not showing up on the schedule for February yet, and no one knows why.

This is a common occurance once the F! show times are released the dining packages will be released. F! show times have been late in getting released the past few months

January dining package were just released within the past week and a half. Drove me crazy, and I kept fearing that they’d get all booked up when I wasn’t looking, but I got what I wanted. Just keep checking and hopefully they’ll show within a month

Thanks for the info. I was just messing around with a personalized touring plan tonight and when I entered our February date to visit, it erased fantasmic and said it would be closed for refurb in that month!