1st Visit - Help With planning

First post, sorry if I break any rules, or leave some important stuff out.

First Visit to WDW for our kids, and 30+ years since last visit for us adults.
I’d like your help/advice on deciding specifically which days to visit which park.
Crowd calendar below.
Staying at Fort Wilderness Campground
2 Adults, 9 yr daughter, 7 yr son (all hikers)
5 day ticket, non Park Hopper
Arriving Sat 9/29, Likely to check out Thurs 10/4
Breakfast/Dinner at camper and packed lunch most days.
Planning on a breakfast at Cinderella’s Royal Table, and a dinner at HoopDeeDoo.

Here is my plan, but I’m very eager to hear your opinions. (Crowd levels in parenthesis)

Plan A:
SUN 9/30: (4) Hollywood Studios 8a EMH 9-8:30p
MON 10/1: (4) Epcot 9-9p
TUE 10/2: (2) Magic Kingdom 9-7p; CRT Breakfast?
WED 10/3: (6) Magic Kingdom 1A EMH 9-11p [Parade, Fireworks]
THURS 10/4: (5) Animal Kingdom 9-8:30p

See crowd levels below, mostly focused on Sun-Thurs, but OPEN to all suggestions!
Thanks so much for your help, trying my best to understand the differences in crowd levels, and how significant a 1 point swing is.

I think it looks good; but as you know, rather than stressing about crowd levels, it’s best to have a good plan, which I am sure you do. We planned and took a trip in January of 2017 and the crowd levels were much higher than anticipated, but we had a plan and it worked out.

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Thanks for the reassurance. :smile: Being a newby has my confidence low. We will have a sold plan, but I had a hard time deciphering if I am better off with early extra magic hours, or a lower crowd level day. Maybe those even each other out?

I was also concerned about EP, MK, MK all back to back. Like maybe I should split EP up with a day at HS before busy days at MK?

I’m also trying to weigh how important building up the Cinderellas Royal Table will be. Saving it for the end I think will really add to the experience!

Consider the above plan A, and the below Plan B. Which do you like better?

Plan B:
SUN 9/30: (4) Hollywood Studios 8a EMH 9-8:30p FWKS
MON 10/1: (4) Animal Kingdom 8a EMH 9-8:30p
TUE 10/2: (4) Epcot 11p EMH 9-9p FWKS
WED 10/3: (6) Magic Kingdom 1A EMH 9-11p [Parade, Fireworks]
THURS 10/4: (2) Magic Kingdom 9-7p; CRT Lunch or Dinner?

Thanks again for help! Planning this trip is a bit stressful with ALL the options.

I like B.
Crowd levels certainly affect your comfort and speed, but a 1 point swing is relatively insignificant. When I look at your tracked days it’s basically a bunch of 4s, so I err more toward arc of experience.

Some people will advise you to put AK at the end to increase your chance of getting a Fast Pass for Flight of Passage, but I really like the order of plan B better, and doubt that it will be that much easier to grab one for 10/4 than it will be for 10/1.

Are you planning on taking breaks?

Hoop Dee Doo on Wednesday 10/3 would be nice. Get out of MK and take the boat launch to FW to chill out and then take in the show. Boat back to MK (or head back to hotel to rest for Thursday).

Are you 1000% married to Cinderella’s Royal Table? Did your kids request it? You seem pretty value conscious and that restaurant just always jumps out to me as pretty poor value.

Personally, I’ll try to split your MK days and not plan those on back-to-back days.

If you want to use EMH, how about:
TUE: EP (with EMH)
WED: MK (with EMH)
THU: AK (with EMH)

As freenottingham said, you’ll likely have a good chance of securing a FP+ for FOP with AK near the end of your trip.


Yes, breaks sound nice. I am typically the person who over schedules, but for this vacation I am trying to consciously create a relaxed pace, with some built in breaks. Especially 10/2 and 10/3. HDD sounds good on 10/3 (plus we’re camping in FW), but I also thought about visiting Be Our Guest for a light lunch that day to take in the atmosphere and relax a bit. Or instead … do CRT for dinner on 10/3 …before Parade/ Fireworks/ LateNight.


We are not 100% married, but we are about to walk down the aisle with CRT. We are value conscious … but there’s only one Cinderella’s castle, and so I kind of felt pressured into it. I’d love to hear your thoughts and alternatives though! I’m making ADR tomorrow at 6AM. Eeek!


I was wondering exactly this … splitting up MK. Are you suggesting to break them up just because there is a lot to do those days, in MK, and that it might tiring to do them back to back? I’m open to suggestions. Thanks for the tips on getting FP+ for FOP.

I really appreciate your inputs here and you taking the time to make suggestions! So many variables and decisions!

I think your original plan is pretty good. I’ve done Hoop dee Doo and Cinderella’s Royal Table both twice in recent years, my take is Hoop dee Doo is totally worth it especially since you’re staying at Fort Wilderness. And Cinderella’s Royal Table is not really worth it but I totally get wanting to do it once.

So I think that if you want to do CRT because it’s iconic, I can’t really sway you. But I like Tusker House for a character meal and Biergarten at Epcot or Sci-Fi at DHS for theming. (Although you are going to Epcot during F&W so splurge at those booths!)

Also, if you really want to eat in a castle, I would go for BOG breakfast which actually can give you a jump on touring (CRT seems to take a long time). But if your daughter really wants princesses, then CRT it is. :slight_smile:

I also agree that you should spread out the MK days. Both because they can be tiring days and because you might just want to shake up your experiences a bit.

I agree with splitting up MK. Plus, it’s hard to wait until the end of the trip to see it since it’s so iconic. We are not ones to have to do MK first but I do like visit by at least day 2 or 3.