1st trip itinerary - is this too much?

Landing in MCO around 1pm with DH and DS13, when should we expect to be a PoR using Magical Express on average?

1st day hoping to get to EP FPP Spaceship Earth 4:15-5:15 and Soarin 5:20-6:20
ADR for Chefs de France then walk around and watch Illuminations.

2nd day RD MK and get on to PoC and JC then proceed FPP BTMR, HM and SE… hoping to get more FPP that day, 3pm Parade, ADR Crystal Palace, possible more FPP, 7:45 HEA Garden Viewing and fireworks.

3rd day lunch ADR Sci-Fi, FPP RnRC, ToT, ST tour, Star Wars Dessert Party and show

4th day Possible water park, Dinner ADR Teppan Edo, FPP TT, MS and Character Meet and then walk to HS (boats down) for Fantasmic Dessert party and show

5th day RD AK, Hoping to get on FoP and if not just Navi and then FPP KS, FoP(2nd time??) lunch at Flame Tree and FPP EE, possible more FPP, dinner ADR Tippins and RoL show

6th day Possible water park, late FPP SplM, PP and 7DMT and fireworks

Check out day Lunch TRex - move to Cabana Bay for phase 2!!

Still need to figure out more CS options for lunch or breakfast since most of the ADR’s are for dinner.

Any thoughts on any of this would be appreciated…

If you land at 1pm, I would give it at least 90 min before I would count on being at the hotel. so going to EP in the evening should work. The only day that I think looks a bit tight is day 4 with trying to get in dinner and 3 fpp’s in EP…not sure if rushing over to HS for Fantasmic would work.
have fun!!

It is my concern also but Dinner is At 4pm and worst case we are just skipping the Meet Characters that we might get our first day…at least that’s the plan!!

What is this? I do think your plans are reasonable and I love your dessert parties!

Thinking of a different french restaurant…I meant Chefs de France…just corrected it ty!!

Since it’s our first time and we are unsure when we would ever have a chance to return :sob:…we thought the dessert parties were a great way to have good seats and an improved experience making the most of our time!!


Oh! I have never tried Chefs de France but it is on my list! I really think you have good plans!

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@kujii We should do a Liner meet up since we’re going the same time!!

Here is my itinerary that I made up. It’s actually gotten a few people to start using it and I’m meeting one of them at one of our Epcot days for fireworks. :slight_smile:

This is my spreadsheet itinerary that I made up.