1st timer, looking for any possible discount

We will be doing Disney for a week and want to knock out as much of Universal Studios as possible in one day. We definitely want to do both parks since wife is Harry Potter fanatic. Is there any way to soften the blow of the over $900. Ticket price tag for a party of 5? My sisters family of 4 will be joining us and they are contemplating only paying for one park due to ticket prices. I’ve considered getting an annual pass for myself, would this give access to discounted tickets? I’ve checked undercover tourist and their prices are the same as UOR website. Thanks for any input.

AP only makes sense if you will visit more than one day in a year. The AP discount is 15% off multi-day tix only, so no help for a single day. Also, you’ll have to have a 2 park ticket to see all of HP as it’s split into 2 sections, one in each park.

Much like WDW , a single day doesn’t have much wiggle room on cost :disappointed:.


Magical Vacation Travel (MVT) have some big discounts right now on select dates in Aug, Oct, Nov, and Dec. They also have discounted tickets for Universal.

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@tonyhedz02_762866 check with your local AAA office they often have discounted tickets even for special events- walk in the office though it’s generally different than what shows on line….that said we have have purchased seasonal passes from aaa that are discounted - generally not that much more expensive and have stretched it over multiple trips.

The big caveat is it is heavily restrictive for travel dates as far as blackouts go-

If you’re a Costco member, look at their vacation packages. You have to book a hotel as well, but we’ve done UO through Costco twice and it was cheaper than the universal site and Undercover Tourist. Undercover Tourist would be my rec of you’re not with Costco!

I was able to get discounted tickets through work (so if any of you work for a large company, you could try your HR or ticketsforwork.com. Similar, if your a govt, police or military, you can get a discount too through govx.com .