1st Timer F&W

What are some of ur favorite eats and drinks at F&W? Also any tips or strategies would be greatly appreciated!

We loved everything at Coastal Eats. The filet and soup at Canada are always good and the sliders is it in Hawaii (?) was very good.

Make sure you go early, a week day is easier. Are you on the dining plan?

We are not on the dining plan as we are staying offisite. We are planning a a weekday. Originally were planning to do the rides in the AM and then F&W for dinner, but seems like it may get really busy then so now I’m thinking we should do lunch!!! Decisions, decisions…

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The lines will be shorter earlier. I also think it is easier to find a spot to sit and eat earlier in the day.

OMG! Only one day at F&W! That will really require pre-planning. We ate our way around the world for 3 days and still had to skip a lot of booths. My first piece of advice is to check out the info at the Disney Food Blog. You can see what is available at every booth and decide what calls to you. We narrowed it down by ignoring everything we could eat at our local restaurants, so no Mexican, Italian, Japanese, etc. With 90+ items to choose from you don’t want to fill up on the first things you see.
PS for Nurse Minnie folks, our trip to F&W was during the time period where I was working my way to a 80 pound weight loss. I didn’t loose during the trip but I didn’t gain anything either.

Start at 11 am. I was there on a Friday and had dinner plans in Disney Springs that evening. By 3 pm it will be crowded in world showcase.