1st Time DVC Rental Question

Hello, all!

I am nervous but excited- DH, myself, my cousin/best friend and her husband are all looking to go to WDW August 29-September 5, 2015. We have stayed at POFQ, POR, and CSR, all moderates. This trip will be DH and mine’s 4 year anniversary, and my cousin’s 10 year anniversary. We thought maybe we could do something special (and even save a tiny bit of money?) by renting DVC- a 1 Bedroom.

I have been on the DVC rental.com and it seems like I can’t see if there is availability for our dates unless I pay a $98 fee? I was hoping to check availability today or tomorrow before I talk to my

cousin on Christmas Eve! I don’t want to get her hopes up if there is a big chance there won’t be any availability in our price range/preferred DVC location.

If you use that business you are committing to taking whatever they find, of the three choices you make, if it is available. Make sure you are very sure youvwantbto do this, pick only the places you want to stAy, very specifically. And know they are Canadian and some credit card company charge an extra fee.

Try dvcrentalstore.com they will check for free and are usually quick to get back to you.

Thanks, @alitig1and @Outer1.

Also check out renting direct from an owner - often cheaper than the brokers and someone may already have a confirmed reservation than meets your needs up for rent. MouseOwners.com and DISBoards have rental sections in their forums (fora?).

(Shameless plug) For more tips and info on renting points check out http://blog.touringplans.com/2013/09/01/tips-renting-disney-vacation-club-points/

EDIT: Forgot to mention that the MouseOwners rental board is closed until the New Year.

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I booked my upcoming trip through DVC Rental Store . com and couldn’t be happier. They are so quick to respond and I have been dealing with a single person there the entire time. I also had a Disney travel agent give me prices and she confirmed the price I got through DVC couldnt be beat unless I wanted to stay at a mod or value resort. (We are staying at BLT this time around.) And, yes, the Rental Store will give you free quotes.