1st Day late arrival strategy

Hi! We are flying into Orlando and am trying to decide if I should use my 1st afternoon/evening at HS or MK. My thought would be I could make Lightning Lane reservations for the afternoon at HS at 7am before getting on the plane. We are just trying to maximize our time in HS with teenagers. Currently I have us going one full day and one half morning later in the trip to HS before our return flight home. I am afraid all the Lightning Lane or G+ will be for the afternoon when I have a flight home. Should I switch to going to HS the first afternoon since that is when passes might be available vs early entry on the day we leave? Thanks for any advice!


Welcome to the forum! I think HS is one of the best parks to plan on stacking lls for a later arrival so I think your plan of grabbing one before the flight and stacking until you arrive is a really great idea. Then you can hit any favorites again on your EE morning.


I had really good success stacking LL for an afternoon arrival last week. Would definitely recommend!