1day/2parks, max crowds, ALL Harry Potter plan - need help

I can’t seem to find exactly the info we need. I’ve got a fam of 4 with two teens who ONLY want to do WWoHP, but it’s on a crowd-level-9 day and we won’t have express passes. Due to one gluten free diet, we need to do Three Broomsticks for late breakfast and Leaky Caldron for early dinner. With that info, I’m trying to figure out the best touring plan for us. We have early entry, but should we walk into Hogsmeade at rope drop or instead start by riding on the Hogwarts train from Diagon Alley? Could we then walk onto the Hogsmeade rides without much wait time even without an app reservation? Not sure yet if we’re going to get wands, but would plan to spend any remaining time simply exploring before breakfast around 9:30 at Brooksticks. Are there any HP shows in this area, or are they all in Diagon? Does it matter what time we head back to the other park (on the train of course)? Should we aim for late afternoon to let the crowds dissipate a little? Will we miss any of the shows if we dawdle?

Thanks SO much for any light you can shed!!

Not sure if this is any help. The order may not be right but it gives you all the essential steps.






@bebe80’s response probably answered most of your questions, but if after you look it over you have any more specific questions, please feel free to ask us! Wizarding World of Harry Potter is my most favorite place ever, so I could definitely give you some more specific insight if you feel like you need it.


@bebe80 I’ll take you up on help. WDW mom here attempting first and (likely) only trip to Universal. 12 & 16 yo kids likely only want HP stuff. We have 3/6-lunch on 3/9. Want to enjoy Sapphire Falls resort too. I have returned to Touring Plans for help as this is how I always planned our Disney trips but not knowing the parks I’m overwhelmed. Will have “park hopper” and early admission but not express. We will want to do and see everything slowly, including the shows. Doable? Appreciate your input. I’m just beginning the process of learning.


Nice, you all will enjoy it for sure!

Not sure what this means. How long are you visiting?

Here is a handy article for you:

I would highly recommend devoting an entire day to only HP if the kids are big fans. Then you can take it slowly and really, really take in all the little details. Every trip I do an HP only day and it’s always my favorite day!

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