1982 Epcot Center Beach Club Figment shirt

I found 4 of these shirts in my late aunt’s garage. They feature figment in a beach chair and are so 80’s. The cut of the shirt is such an odd shape, cropped and wide. I don’t know how to put up a photo but had to share. It’s so weird. She never went to Florida and must have gotten them somewhere in Los Angeles.


That is in 80s fashion, cropped and wide. Sometimes worn with a fitted undershirt of a bright color.

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With the text box open, there should be a grey box with an arrow. This lets you upload. This is how it looks on Android mobile anyway.

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Thank you!

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Could be a gift from another. I used to buy souvenirs for friends and family. Now Disney is too expensive!

Love the shirt.

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This is an amazing vintage find!