1900 PF or T Rex

Must decide between Dinner at 1900 PF and T Rex. Opinions? Other dining I have is PPO GG, Bon Voyage, Ohana dinner, 50’s Prime lunch , BOG lunch. 3 older kids and 2 adults. Sharing at T Rex is appealing to save money but is that worth the trade?

1900 Park Fare, hands down. You can eat at T-Rex outside of the World. 1900 is unique to Disney. Character interaction is awesome.


I could only find the one location of T-Rex (in Disney Springs). Are there other locations elsewhere in the US? Thanks for clarifying!

I would choose Trex. While we had fun at 1900 Park Faire and the food was pretty good, we also found the theme of Trex fun and the food even better. You can also save a good bit more by sharing food and getting a Landry’s card. We found Landry’s gift cards as an option on our credit card rewards, so if you have something like that then it’s worth a look. The Ibotta coupon app also has had them as an option for payout.

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Will your group enjoy the character interactions? If you’re not into that, skip 1900 and save your money.

Interested to know why those are the options. T Rex is generally skippable unless you have small dinosaur obsessed kids - but not too small or they can be upset by the noise. But you can share meals to save money at any restaurant as long as it’s not a buffet/ayce.

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Those are just two my family has wanted to do. We have many other scheduled that are more of an priority that I mentioned above. I am trying to narrow down as we can not do them all. And between these two I need to eliminate one.

Oh I see. Well if you want to do both, I assume you’ll do the other at some point. So I’d do whichever fit in my plans best.

If you have another suggestion that I don’t already have, please let me know!

Can you give some other information? Age of kids, is this dinner going to be on a park day - if so what park.

Ok kids DS 13, DD 11 and 7. Not on DP and since we have a few other really expensive meals trying to save money here but still enjoy it! This day will be MK party day but we aren’t attending party. So we will leave park around 6-7 and head to dinner somewhere before we call it a night. We have a car so transportation isn’t an issue either.
Thanks so much!!! We leave in 10 days yippee!

If you want to save money I definitely wouldn’t do a character meal. How about Raglan Road for somewhere with entertainment?

It basically depends on if you want a) a very elegant restaurant in a very elegant hotel or b) dinosaurs in an elaborate ice age setting and noise. We loved both but for completely different reasons.