1900 Park Fare dinner

How does everyone feel about dinner at 1900 Park Fare?

We loved it!

The food was decent - not signature, but very good just the same. And the character interaction (Stepsisters, Stepmother, Cindy and Prince) were definitely some of the best we’ve ever had. We would do it again.


That’s awesome! I’m so excited! This is our last night meal so I was hoping it would be good character interactions! We have CRT and BOG along with ABH. we’ve never done 1900 before. Thank you!

Our girls LOVED it, especially the step sisters and the Prince. My husband complained about the food, but the girls and I were happy with it (he is a complainer some times lol). You will have a blast and I love being in the Grand Floridian…even if its just for a few minutes while waiting to be seated, my daughters thought it was so fancy and fun. :wink:

I thought the food was fine, nothing special, but the character interaction was great. It was just me and DS11 so I didn’t expect much, which would have been ok - especially with him! - but they were lovely and spent time chatting.

I was underwhelmed by the food and atmosphere, but the characters, especially Lady Tremaine and the step-sisters, were A+.

I believe both of our boys were engaged in less than 2 minutes. :blush:

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I’ll agree with the other opinions - although I’ll add that both my wife and I find the noise in the large rooms can be overwhelming. We were in a side room, which was quieter but a bit out of the way for ambiance. Think it was a better fit for us that night.

My son and I liked the food a lot more than my daughter and wife - my wife was not feeling well at this particular dinner and would give it a thumbs down for sure, but I wonder if she would have liked it a little better on a night where she was doing OK.

Characters were an absolute riot. The sisters were all over our son and he ended up with a giant red smooch on his cheek. Stepmother had just the right amount of snide and creepy to crack our daughter up.


What a great pic! We are planning on doing this for the first time in November. I’ll have to warn my son!

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There have been a lot of nights without the step sisters over the last couple of months - we had Suzy the mouse instead, which was very disappointing. Lady T was still hilarious though!

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