180 or 190?

First timer question: We’re going to WDW on Black Friday, staying @ Poly Villas. Just rec’d a booklet in the mail from Disney. The last page gives me 5/28/17 as the date that I can start booking my ADR’s. That’s fine since it’s a Sunday and I won’t be at work. However, everything I’ve been reading states I can book 190 days in advance if staying onsite (which falls on 5/18/17). I’m confused. Is the 190 days in reference to the last day of my stay (we depart 12/2)? I have taken vacation the week of the 18th partly for dealing with this stuff! Want to be sure which day my ADR window opens!

Also, booklet gives 9/25/17 as my 60 day window…FPP’s can be made before online check in, right?

At 180 days from your first day, you can book up to 10 days of ADRs.

And FPP can be done before online check in because that’s optional.

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FPP and online check in are separate.
Book your FPP at 60 days.

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So 5/28 is the day I need to get up early! Hoping to get a few hard to get ADR’s so will plan those for the latter days of the trip. I will use the vacation from work to really get the plans fixed, park hours should be up by then, along with MVMCP tix on sale.

Thanks for your help!

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Book your hardest to get ADRs first, then move on to the easier ones.
I made a list of the restaurant, the date and the time I wanted and put them in order of priority.

Do the same thing with FPPs… especially if you are trying to get FPP for FEA.

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