180 day success w/ ADRs... Helpful tip

Last night I got ready to make my ADRs (6am this morning)… I tried this strategy and it really helped. Thought I’d pass along what worked for me… I had 15 ADRs to make… I opened a WDW dining reservation browser window (under my Disney experience) for each one. I preloaded the future date, time, guests and restaurant for each one and started with my mist important reserv first (BOG, CRT)… Lined all the reservation windows up and ready to go for 6am. Also made sure cc info was up to date.
Started clicking at 5:57am… No luck until exactly 6:00am. Then just clicked my way thru all the windows. I hit a few sorry can’t find reservation at this time and thought I wouldn’t get those, but tried several times again and eventually got all the ADRs I wanted, at all the times I wanted. Was finished by 6:35am. Worked great!
Word of caution, double check reservations afterwards, one of my BOG dates got changed in processing by the computer to today’s date. Had to call WDW and cancel (no penalty… They were very understanding). Was able to get the correct date in the end. Now on to planning my touring plans…:star2::star2:


Thanks for the tip!

So, here I sit at 5:57, trying to do this. The issue that I am running into is that it will not let me select the date to pre-enter. I do have everything else set to search, so hopefully at 6, that will change. I am worried that I will need to like clear my cookies or some such thing.

have you got your dates correct todays 180 is fri April 8th. It was showing for me hours ago

Yes, we arrive on April 8. Right at 6 am, I had to hit refresh and all of my dates showed up. Right now, though, it appears that Disney’s dining site is down. I cannot make reservations for any restaurant on my computer or my phone.

Working here on app. Making mine 1day at a time as off site Got bog and TH

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My app is not working at all, but my computer let me make them only for the first few days of my trip. I am calling now.

I did much the same on Wednesday but found that by calling right at 7am it was much easier. I got right through to an agent and got everything I wanted(at the time). I have since been tweaking and still pretty much get the times I want. I even used TV’s reservation finder and had exactly what I was looking for within 30 minutes of my request.

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I ended up calling and it worked beautifully. Next time, I will probably just get the extra hour of sleep! The woman I spoke with was super nice, and she also was able to get me a Harmony Barbershop reservation which we always seems to miss out on since you can’t book it online.

Back space out the date manually… Can’t use the WDW calendar. Enter the dates manually in proper format 04/09/2016 and you should be fine…


Thank you so much for this great tip. I did exactly what you suggested and got all the reservations I wanted. I few windows closed on me but that could just be my system or Disney’s website.

So glad it helped!!