180 Day ADR vs 150 Days

We’re planning a large family trip for early March 2018, but probably won’t be able to make our reservation until about 150 days ahead of time. So I’m wondering which ADR’s are likely to be booked up by then? Also we will have between 10 and 12 people in our party. Should I split the party in two for ADR purposes, or will there be openings for groups that large?

I would try for the large parties first and if that doesn’t work, then try splitting up.

You can book ADRS, even if you don’t have a room booked yet. The only difference is that you have to call day by day vice being able to book up to 10 days when your 1st day hits the 180 mark. I’ve made ARDs at 180 days when I “thought” I might have a trip coming up - that I didn’t actually “book” until about 60 days out.

As for what might not be available, it’s hard to say. Not speaking from personal experience (because I have no personal interest in these), I would assume all pre-RD breakfasts in the parks might be hard to come by. CRT, in general may be difficult. BOG might be difficult - especially dinner.

On the opposite side of dining experiences, V&A might book up on some nights (forget about the Chef’s Table or Victoria Room - I do have experience there). Le Cellier has a long-standing reputation of being a hard to get ADR, but I don’t know if it still is.CG might be challenging if you’re trying to time it to line up with Wishes.

If you ask about specific restaurants, people with experience with those might be able to give you more solid info.

I am unsure if plans in February so I will book ADRs one day at a time to ensure I will be ready if I book my room. I would book the ones you want at day 180.