120 rule question

I have a question about the 120-minute rule that I’m hoping someone could answer. Let’s say at 9:00 am I make a Genie + reservation for a ride at 2:00 pm and then at 11:00 make a ride reservation for 3:00 pm. At 1:00 pm am I eligible to make a new reservation for 2 more rides since at that point I have 2 ride reservations that are over 120 minutes away from when I made the reservations?

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No. At 1:00 you can make ONE more new reservation, because 120 minutes has passed since you made your last one. And then I believe after you tap in for your 2:00 ride, you can then make another reservation.


Agreed. 120 mins passing triggers the ability to make a new LL. But only once for each ride that has more than a 120 minute window.

However, tapping into the ride also triggers the ability to schedule another ride. No matter what.

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What @ryan said.

…and if you tap into a LL res after 120 min it also triggers an opportunity to make another LL? According to that article on stacking them. @ryan1 and @missoverexcited can say… don’t go there if it will add confusion.

I like @Jeff_AZ rules of thumb:

  • Schedule something at 7:00am
  • Always schedule another LL after you tap in
  • Always schedule a LL if 120 minutes have passed since you scheduled your last one

I’m not even going to attempt to explain it snd I highly doubt I’ll be using it. Too confusing.


This is a GREAT summary! Thank you! see… @missoverexcited it’s not thaaaat confusing :wink: :laughing:

That’s because Jeff’s rules don’t include the making a new one and then tapping in during the grace period of he first one so you can make another hack.

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oh… I guess that 1, 2, 3 doesn’t take into account stacking?

It could include stacking, but not to the full extent possible if the times work out.

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Before covid we’d pretty much stopped using more than one fast pass a day. Usually a popular ride at our second park.

Just keepin it simple. :crazy_face: