12 day itinerary suggestions

We have a 12 day trip scheduled for May 1-12. Here is what I have reserved so far based on the crowd calendars and I’d appreciate any feedback. I can’t seem to locate plans/posts that fit our somewhat unusual itinerary.

Notes that may (or may not) help:

I was at Disney World last when the park and I celebrated our 25th birthdays together (and used the Unofficial Guide way back then) and we will be celebrating our 50th birthdays together again this year. It may be my only chance to take the kids, or at least for several years. (We have some other trips on our wish list.)

We are staying at Shades of Green with 10 day Stars & Stripes (includes park hopping and water parks). I have made park reservations already just be safe, but it looks like there is plenty of time to make changes. It will just be me and my 10 and 12 year old. They are responsible kids and act more like small adults than kids most of the time. I will need to use a scooter, and the 12 year old doesn’t care for wild rides. (The 10 year old likes the moderate ones.) We aren’t used to big crowds so I think we will be happier with plenty of breaks from the chaos. We don’t plan on many sit down meal reservations in the parks.

Tentative Agenda:

Sunday, May 1: Arrival day, Disney Springs for military rate PhotoPass and a quick service meal if time. Get to bed early.

Monday, May 2: Epcot day 1/2 (my kids like the plan of visiting this park first for a calmer start). Do the half of the park that includes the “lands” around Spaceship Earth. Take an afternoon break at the hotel and come back for fireworks. (Can swap this with the next night if we are still tired from travel.) The 10 year old would like to try Coral Reef or Space 220 (we can do this later if not available tonight.)

Tuesday, May 3: Epcot countries day 2/2. We are all really looking forward to taking our time to enjoy each country and the snacks available. We will go back to swim and have an early bedtime or come back for fireworks if we didn’t see them last night.

Wednesday: May 4: Day 1/2 Hollywood Studios for Star Wars Day (May the 4th be with you. :laughing:) Probably #2 on my kid’s wish list. Im hoping to schedule droid making for early afternoon before returning to hotel. Come back in the early evening if needed to get on ROR, otherwise take it easy again this evening.

Thursday, May 5: Magic Kingdom day 1/3 - left side of the park. (Adventureland, Frontierland, Liberty Square, possibly Fantasyland) Either take an afternoon break and come back for fireworks or make it an early night based on energy levels.

Friday, May 6: Magic Kingdom day 2/3 - right side of park. (Tomorrowland, Fantasyland). Take a break and come back for fireworks if we haven’t seen them yet.

Saturday, May 7: Rest day at resort. We may go to Disney Springs in the morning before it gets busy if we aren’t too tired or play mini golf. Trying to lay low over the weekend when things are busier. :joy:

Sunday, May 8 (Mother’s Day): I’m hoping for breakfast at Ohana, but I won’t be upset with the buffet at the hotel. We’d like to visit a waterpark this day mostly to float in the lazy river and relax.

Monday, May 9: Animal Kingdom. Day 1/1? This may be our only day here unless we park hop here later. Planning on staying until we are tired since we should be rested or we could take an afternoon break if there is a lot left to do.

Tuesday, May 10: Hollywood Studios day 2/2. Later start if tired. Visit the non-Star Wars part of the park and try for ROR if we missed it last time. Planning on an early night or a park hop back to Epcot for dinner and fireworks depending on energy.

Wednesday, May 11: Flexible morning (we might visit Disney Springs for souvenirs, visit a water park again, or just rest). Evening at Magic Kingdom for rides and fireworks before leaving tomorrow.

Thursday, May 12: Possible character breakfast depending on flight time. Head home.

I think that sounds like a great moderately paced trip! I think you’ll be able to get reservations at Space 220 if it’s later in your trip, but the first or 2nd day it will probably be hard to get. Only other note I can add is that HS is really best at rope drop or late afternoon/ early evening. Midday the lines are all really long.

Do you plan on using Genie+ at all?

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Welcome to the forum! What great plans!

You will be visit g during flower and garden festival at Epcot. Will you keep an eye out for concerts or other activites during those days?

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I was planning on Genie + for Magic Kingdom for sure. I’m watching carefully to see how this all plays out, but that seems like the park where we might benefit from it most?

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I am not really familiar with what is offered other than beautiful flowers at Epcot. What would be the best way to get an idea now?

MK and HS is what I think will be the best use of G+, especially if hopping to HS later in the day.

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