12/18 OGA's 9:10 res Park Closes at 9PM

Through the TP res finder (love this) I was able to add a reservation for OGA’s at 9:10 PM on 12/18. However, HS closes at 9PM. When I added OGA’s to my personalized TP I could not optimize because it is outside of park hours. Any ideas? How long can we stay past closing? Does this mean the hours be changing for 12/18? TIA

I’ve noticed that later closing time before whenever there is a seasonal night time show (jingle jam bamm whatever) that takes place at closing time. Thinking maybe they extend some food location hours for people to eat later those nights instead of watching the show?

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Let’s hope they extend hours. I’ll be there during the day time. Fingers crossed.

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Yes, that makes sense. Although I am hoping for extended hours.