11 month DVC Question

Hi! New DVC member question; I’m trying to book April 16-23, 2022 in a value room at Jambo. All the days are available except 4/17, I put in a waitlist request for the whole stay. Is that what I needed to do? I’d be happy with just the 4/18-4/23 but I cannot book that until tomorrow. Also I’m dec use year and will need to use the remainder of my 2021 points and then borrow from 2022, will waitlist do that automatically?

When you set up the waitlist it will ask you about borrowing and you can set it up so that it does.

I would grab the days you can although the 18th might be unavailable tomorrow .


It is, right now I can only book the 16th

The fewer days you need to waitlist the better your chances. Those rooms are very hard to get! Someone might be waking a reservation. Grab it!


Book the 16th now.

Tomorrow, try modifying it. Chances are you’ll be able to add the 17th. But the 18th will probably be unavailable. Keep doing this each day.

I think people will be walking. Your issue is that the week after Easter is cheaper points wise, so someone may be walking to get the cheaper week, in which case the 18th won’t open up.

At whatever point you reach when you can’t add a day, that’s when to look at your waitlist again.

For example, if you managed to book the 16th - 20th, then you can add a second waitlist for the last few days, only this time do not request it replaces an existing stay.. That’s important. If the first one for the whole trip comes through, that’s great and it can replace your existing reservation. If the second one comes through, you’ll then have two reservations back to back and Member Services can merge them into one.