10x Chase Ultimate Rewards Deal

I posted this over on The Chat yesterday, but putting here for posterity and easier searchability:

People with various Chase cards might want to Check this out. (Doesn’t seem to apply to Disney Visa. I don’t have the other credit cards it works on myself.)

The blog post linked says deal goes to August 31st.

10x Chase Ultimate Rewards on Disney Gift Cards


Thanks for sharing this. I’ve sent a secure message through my account to make sure that my Freedom signature card with Ultimate rewards does qualify as I’ve not received any info about it on my account or through my Chase Pay app.
…and, reply says “yes!”

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Amazing how much you have to keep an eye out to know about all the various Chase offers - they are not great at telling their customers things.

We just did it but caused chase to freeze our account. They thought there was fraud. Oops.

Yikes - hope they unfroze it quickly and it all went through for you!

I found on our recent trip that the card companies were very conservative in their fraud protection even though I called them all to tell them when and where we were traveling.

Yes, we got it all straightened out.