10a-5p in the world no tix, where would you go?

So, we disembark dcl on easter monday. Frontier changed our 1p flight to 7p. Original plan was just to hang around at airport, but i expect we will be in orlando no later than 10a, and that is a longggg time. Thoughts on what you would do?

Context: mom’s first trip to wdw since she took me in college and it wasnt great for her, let’s just say that. She took us a few times as kids even though we really couldnt afford it, doing contests and timeshare things and buying partially used tickets, etc. Shes never eaten TS at disney. I want to show her my appreciation if i can, but i realize its kind of a crap time to be in the parks. We arrive 3p wednesday april 13, staying at BLT, going to HS weds pm + evening hours and then late start MK/AK Thurs, w chef mickey’s breakfast before our bus to port on friday. We have precheck so dont need tons of airport time. Will have 3yo DD and 8yo DS.

  1. DCL bus to MCO, day room at hyatt, twiddle thumbs bkz there’s zero chance either of my kids will nap. Pros are that it’s straightforward and simple. cost is about $250 plus food.

  2. Rent a car and go to disney springs. Have lunch, visit a couple of shops. Con is that all rental cars require a shuttle which is a pain. Plus we would be chancing an ECV being available at DS and good weather. Cost would be $175 plus food and prob junk for the kids bkz :woman_shrugging:

  3. DCL bus to a resort and then one way private transfer to MCO. Again, about 250+food. With a car rental, $125+food but will require an ADR to park so some preplanning. Main downside here is that my kids would want to get in the pool and wouldnt be able to.

If option 3, where would you choose to spend 7ish hours with a tasty lunch? Mom would love poly atmosphere, GL lobby, POFQ (she grew up near NO), maybe topolino’s or sebastians adr and then skyliner crawl? or FW…? A good playground is a bonus.

  1. Private transport to KSC that will hold our luggage and then take us to MCO. Never been and on her bucket list. Cost is significant, prob $500.

  2. Throwaway room at pop, all star or even FW site so kids could get in the pool… request an early arrival with the understanding that we will need a lot of luck to actually use the room, but maybe would have time to shower before MCO. Cost $300-500. Hesitation w all star would be food. Dont know much about food at FW.

  3. Typhoon lagoon. Never been, kids would love, would be good to know for clients but mom and i both could never visit a water park again and be fine. Cost about $450 and weather risk.

  4. Park time, probably at epcot. Cost w transport and tickets genie and ecv (again, chancing one being available) would be about $800.

have you looked at resortpass.com? not for a disney hotel but lots of nice orlando hotels on there with day passes for the pool, or some offer daytime rooms. might be a way to let kids swim & adults enjoy pool bar lunch?

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Only for MCO hyatt. Good idea.

Pool cabana at Disney?

If the MK resort crawl is an idea, the campground is a boat ride from MK. Once you clear the dock area there is a playground next to a Tavern with rocking chairs.

Which also faces one of the two Trading Posts at Fort Wilderness. We have in the past seen slightly different Disney stuff for sale. In case you haven’t dropped enough dollars on Disney merch. :smirk:


If it’s just the two of you, I like option 5, going to KSC. If that’s available as a post-cruise shore excursion (I’ve seen RCL offer them), then that would be very simple and straightforward. You want to do something for her, and this is on her bucket list. DH and I went there a few years ago and thoroughly enjoyed our 9 hours there. You won’t have that long, but your plan would take care of the luggage and you don’t have to do any driving yourself. Go and enjoy!

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Forgot to add the 3yo and 8yo :rofl: 3yo wont care at all about ksc, 8yo would prob prefer pool

I didnt think the resort cabana is an option if you arent staying there.

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I also like the KSC idea, if it is on her bucket list. Seems like the easiest and most interesting. Lots for kids there (especially the 8 year old).

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I think I recall being surprised that you could reserve and use the cabana.

We were looking at non-park stuff and came across the resort pool cabanas. I think with covid only one was available. I want to say GF but my memory ain’t what it used to be.

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“Cabanas are available for full day rentals. Cabanas at Disney’s Contemporary Resort and Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa—as well as those shared by Disney’s Beach Club Resort and Disney’s Yacht Club Resort—are available to Guests of those Resorts only.” from Disney website

Not an option. :disappointed: sorry, @dboothsummers

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There are some great ones on here!! Thanks for the tip!

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AKL would probably offer the most to do.


Im wondering if they are still having the tours and the folks talking about the animals out on the savanna. I did snag a 215 Sanaa that would be an awesome leisurely late lunch maybe w giraffes :smiley:


In November there were some animal keepers at the overlook near Sanaa around lunchtime.

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I just had to share SOMEWHERE that when I went in last night to hopefully downgrade our 1 BR BLT rooms to something cheaper/smaller (agent room availability is totally weird and random, so who knows what will be available when… i check anyway), I GOT AN EDNA MODE ROOM. There are only a handful of these, on the 14th floor of CR with the Tower (not atrium) club. It was same price as 1 BR which we didn’t need cause we’ll only be there 2n.




Our dates are so dang close, too. Would love to have you geek out over it with me!!