10 year anniversary surprise help!

Okay, now that I’ve settled on Jiko for our anniversary dinner (thanks to everyone’s help on that!)… I need help picking a surprise for my DH!

We are spending our anniversary day at Animal Kingdom and we are staying at Animal Kingdom Lodge… so these are my choices:

Wild Africa Trek
Savor the Savannah
The Nighttime Safari thing that @OBNurseNH just did

I think all 3 sound great and I’d love to hear everyone’s opinions on what would be the most exciting surprise! (My DH is also turning 41 on this trip so it’s partially a birthday surprise too!)


I’ll start by saying that I have only done WAT, but it is fabulous. Truly amazing. It would definitely make for a great surprise.


The Starlight Safari was awesome. It could make a nice follow-up to Jiko. It’s only an hour long so it wouldn’t eat up a lot of your time. If you do it after Jiko I would do the 10pm one

WAT is still way better (and again SS was awesome). But it does eat up over 3hrs of your day so if it’s a short trip that should be a consideration.

I’ve not done Savor the Savanna but know folks who have and say it’s incredible. But with already having Jiko that may be overkill on the food department and almost redundant.


Wild Africa Trek


Ok, that was my concern with Savor the Savanna!

I do love the idea of following Jiko with SS… he totally wouldn’t see it coming. And it’s obvi the cheaper option. But dang… WAT sounds so cool. and we do only have the one day at AK…

However aside from FOP/Navi, Safari & Everest we don’t have much else planned for the day aside from eating and drinking LOL. I need to check the latest time they offer WAT. I was planning Jiko for around 8pm.


If you don’t mind the time commitment I would absolutely encourage WAT as the last thing you do at the park. Allow plenty of time to change for dinner and then end the day with Jiko. That sounds pretty phenomenal to me!

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I would try for an earlier one if the latest is 12:30 - that’s near the peak temperature of the day and that could be a little much. 10:15 would be a good not too early compromise

Ohhh i like this idea. Morning WAT and I’ll have Genie + so I could then try to stack a few rides for the afternoon. I plan to pay for FOP b/c I haven’t quite decided if I feel like rope dropping. We are closing down Epcot the night before.