10% off Disney Gift Cards is back at Meijer

Meijer is running the 10% off promotion on many gift cards, including Disney. Max discount is $50. Must be an MPerks member, didn’t see an option for guest checkout.

Wife and I just got $500 each for $450. :money_mouth_face:


Trying to do this on-line, but can’t seem to figure it out. I’m logged into mPerks. But when I add the gift card to my account, it doesn’t give me the discount. (Yes…I have the coupon clipped.)

It might be a website issue. Right now, each page is taking a very long time to load.

Maybe it’s a mistake?
Nevermind, I got it to load after a few minutes.

I’m still seeing site instability…but I can’t just find ANY pathway that allows me to use the 10% off gift card coupon to the actual gift card! I’ve tried the website on two different computers, as well as using the Meijer app on my phone.

Is this an in-store only thing?

I was heading over there in person right now to get groceries, so I will try to get one while I’m there. I’ll report back.

I was able to make the purchase in store with no problem. $450 for a $500 gift card.

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Thanks for the update. Maybe I will stop by Meijer this evening. I wanted to get $400 more worth so that I can use them to pay off my next DVC dues!

I couldn’t get it to work online either. But I had already planned to stop by Meijer tonight so will try there.

Ugh, sorry guys. We did it in store, but I know Meijer is Midwest regional. Wish there was an online option!

I tried to go a bit ago, but the rain was a problem…this is the parking lot at Meijer…

So, I decided to wait and try tomorrow instead!

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Oh man, you must be east of Chicago as all that was out here this morning!

Yep! This was in Southeast Michigan.

Yeah. I wouldn’t walk through that for 50$

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Just got back from Meijer and successfully obtained my discounted gift card! Woohoo!


I can’t get it to work online either! Bummer

Do you happen to know how long these are on sale for?

Today is last day.

Happy I was able to take advantage of this offer. I don’t shop at Meijer a lot, so never signed up for MPerks. Tried to sign up on their website, but it wasn’t working. The app worked fine, though. Wasn’t sure how to use a digital coupon in store, so when I showed the cashier the coupon it had a picture of a Best Buy gift card on it. She said “You can’t use that here. That’s for Best Buy.” :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :laughing:


Bummer, hopefully they run it again soon.