10 Hours in Animal Kingdom?

I need some opinions about my AK day, my thoughts are kind of scattered.

I wanted to do RD, but realized its an EMH day- so now rope drop would be at 8am. I also really want to see ROL at 6pm. Do you all think this is too many hours to dedicate to AK? Is it worth taking a break in the middle of the day if I am staying at BLT? Is RD going to be worth it (since I plan on doing Navi River ride and Expedition Everest without FPP)? I will be visiting with DS2 and DD4, with a stroller for naps if needed.

Any thoughts would be appreciated, thanks!!

So I’m doing it in June. There is so much to do at Animal Kingdom and with it being the park that is kind if far away from everything, I think we are opting to stay in the park all day. Our RD is at 9 and we are planning on being there until 10.

Granted, I’m not doing it with kids, but managing my husband’s (not a Disney or crowd lover) energy level, in my opinion, can be quite similar to managing my 1 year old niece’s :slight_smile:

I did a little online research into places to relax in each of the parks since we are not planning midday breaks. You might find this link helpful in making decisions:

I found a few more blogs just googling around too.


I have typically spent 8-plus hours at AK (back when it was only open 9-5) and never did everything in the park in a single day. Now, with Pandora, ROL, other PM activities - plus time for a second (or third) meal - I would NOT think 10 hours “too long”. If you need a break from the park, AKL is only a 5 minute bus ride away…

Annual local passholder here who goes frequently. My family and I have done your idea several times. I really think that AK is (without Pandora) a half day park. We have gotten there at 10:00 a.m. left at 1:00 for lunch, and come back at 4:00 for the evening. We love AK in the evening!!!

We have never been able to stretch it out for a full day, and we have even gone and done what we have wanted in two hours with FPs.

One thing - AK is a HOT park. Something about all the plants, maybe, which seems to increase the humidity, but AK is the hottest I’ve ever felt at WDW. So you may wilt before the 10 hour mark.

I will agree that we’ve had trouble getting to everything in a full day, or even in multiple half days, especially if you’ve got kids. Between the play area and carnival games in Dinoland, my kid could spend hours just there. Walking the two animal trails can take some time. If you’re watching shows, there are limited times and you have to gather far enough in advance that they eat quite a bit of your day. I think there’s plenty to do to keep you occupied, and you can always grab a drink/snack and watch the street performers. However, IMO, there are not enough air conditioned places to get out of the ungodly heat in the summer.

I’d consider taking a midday hotel break, or even possibly just pop over to AKL to get in the AC and sit for a bit.

I do plan on going to AK two days of my trip (so I can split up the Pandora ride FPP), that’s why I’m not too worried about missing rides or activities. I think going to AKL for a break might be a great idea. Thanks so much guys!

I completely agree with you!!!

We did rope drop purely to get FOP done then went back to our hotel (disney swan) spent time round the pool then went back for the evening at 6pm including a dinner at tiffins

With the 10pm to 12pm emh for hotel guests we knew the day would be too long and we liked the idea of being there at night but weren’t confident of fitting everything in at night

So we did both

Ropedrop with EMH at 8am and queuing for FOP in the morning was stressful though. It’s seriously busy. We arrived at 7.40am for 8am park opening to see huge queues and did not get on to FOP until 9.15am

Equally at 9.40pm the same evening we queued for FOP for 100 minutes to do it again

So be prepared for big queues whatever you decide

Tiffins is an extremely calm oasis of a restaurant very close to Pandora world for a break (2 mins walk). Great food but also very expensive

But it gets you away from the madness for sure

If you wanted a little break from the park you could always schedule lunch at the Animal Kingdom Lodge or Villas? Both Sanaa and Boma are excellent, and it’s not far away, so you wouldn’t be spending too much time travelling?

Can anyone take the bus to AKL? Is it free?

Yes. All Disney buses are free to anyone, whether you’re staying at a Disney Resort or not.

You just look for the AKL queue when you come out of the park. MKe sure you check which lodge it’s going to. Depending on the time, it may go to both Jambo and Kidani or it may just go to one.

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Are they both worth a visit?

Yes! On eof my favorite meals. For those not wanting to shell out for a full meal, stop in Nomads just for a cocktail and sack.

Sanaa and Jiko are two of my favorites in WDW. Boma is a better than most buffet, but I just don’t really care for buffets all that much. Only Sanaa serves lunch. Boma is b’fast and dinner, Jiko is signature and is dinner only.