10 days! Unanswered questions

Random questions that I haven’t found answers to. Since Liners know everything, thought I’d try my luck here :wink: TIA

BWV cash reservation room request - read an old post that said cash reservations for standard rooms were likely to get bumped up to pool/garden. Is this still the case? TP room request was sent on the 30 day prior date; since BWV is one of the resorts that say no faxed room requests, should I call?

Check-in day resort parking - planning to park at BWV prior to check-in and walk over the HS. Do I stop at the front desk first to get a parking pass?

MK post Enchantment departure - with all the melee with transpo these days, what are your tips? Is this a good plan - hang back to avoid initial exit rush, walk to BLT and Lyft to BWV?

Curious to see what the consensus is here. Uber/Lyft is a great option, but expect surge pricing. I did this once following Villians after hours. $25 Contemporary to Caribbean Beach. If that doesn’t bother you, it’s the best way to go, IMO.


We jus stayed at POP a week ago for two weeks. First, why pay more as housekeeping has been cut way back. Second, The Skyliner goes to POP, Caribbean Beach, and DVC Riviaira. From these resorts you can get to and from Hollywood Studios and EPCOT. Here’s my point. As older people we tend to want to beat the leaving crowds. We skip the fireworks and if at MK we take the Monorail to EPCOT. We get to EPCOT to end our day as much as possible. You walk through the park to the International Gateway. That is where the Skyliner is. No crowded buses. We take the Skyliner to our resort (POP). It’s a beautiful night ride and your not packed into a vehicle. It is true that if you leave after the fireworks there will be a big line so leave early or suffer the consequents.


Sounds like a relaxing trip

About the room request, how did you book the room? If you booked through Disney I think what you heard was true. If you want to redo the room request, just do a new one though TP, it will be sent in.

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Yes, booked directly through Disney this time. Normally rent points, but when I booked I wanted full refund ability given the virus and I already have a ton of $ tied up in vouchers with the points agency.

When you arrive at the hotel you are actually staying at, the guard can scan your MB or you give the guard your name etc and they verify you are a guest. Then you drive in to their parking lot and no need to go to the front desk.There are no physical parking passes.


So helpful. Thank you!

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