10:55am Reservation at Akershus

Does anyone have any experience with a late breakfast reservation at 10:55 at Akershus? I am wondering if they rush you to finish breakfast or if there is a rush with the character interactions.

You’ll never be rushed to finish, and late times can be the best for character interaction, as there are less people there.

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There is no rush. If you are still there when lunch service starts you can help yourself to the lunch buffet too.

We’ve done precisely this twice, and are doing it again in September. :slight_smile:

I’m guessing you enjoyed the experience:) Akershus has such mixed reviews, but we love this type of food and my neice is obsessed with princesses!! My little boy (3) thinks they are pretty so I think it’ll be a hit🙌🏻 Thanks so much for your feedback!

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How did the meal at Akershus go? Were you pleased with it? And did you get to do breakfast buffet and lunch options?