10:50 Tusker House Rez

We have a 10:50am Tusker House reservation. Do they switch to lunch food at 11? The reservation was intended for breakfast. Will we have to pay the lunch price?

No you’ll pay breakfast price. Shortly after 11 they stop replenishing the breakfast food and start bringing out lunch food instead. You’ll be able to help yourself to either. When we were there we had a 10.30 ADR and left around 11.20. At that time there was still more breakfast food than lunch food available.

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You were done in 50 minutes? Are characters that much more efficient? We were there almost 90 minutes, 1:45 if you count waiting for a table.

Maybe we were lucky. We never waited more than a couple of minutes anywhere for a table and we never waited for characters to come round. At some meals we saw them twice and we were out in under an hour at all the ones we did (TH brunch, CP pre RD, H&V dinner, 1900PF dinner).

It definitely all depends on where they are on their route when you get seated. Our first breakfast at Tusker House, we waited about 90 minutes because they had just been by our section before we were seated. Earlier this year, we could’ve been done in 30 minutes, because when we got seated they were just entering our section.

Definitely arrive early for your reservation if you want to get in on the breakfast food. I think it’s great to get breakfast and lunch, though - I think the food there is so good (I know it gets mixed reviews, but the salad bar has my favorite dish at WDW and I’m considering getting a solo reservation there just for that.

Our last trip there 2 years ago we had a 10:30 ADR and didn’t get seated until 10:50 ish. It was perfect because we were able to enjoy both breakfast and lunch options. It’s one of my favorite places to eat.

To be clear, you are charged the price for the time of your ADR regardless of when you’re seated. So if you have a 10:45 adr but aren’t seated until 11 you still pay the breakfast price? If so, this is a nice hack!