1 ride per park

My friends and I are going to WDW for one day in November. We’re in town for a concert and have decided we cant not go into the parks! We have park hoppers and CL is about a 5 (friday). I’m keeping expectations low of what we will be able to ride. We won’t be at the parks until around 10am and want to do at least 1 ride at each park. Our plan is to start in HS -> AK -> MK -> EP.

So, if you were going to do 4 parks in 1 day, which 1 ride per park would you prioritize?

These are my choices, but obviously everyone is different. The parentheses are the runner up:

HS -> Tower of Terror (SDD)
AK -> Expedition Everest (FoP)
MK -> Splash Mountain (7DMT)
EP -> Soarin’ (TT)


HS - for this example I’d go for MF (second choice RNRC)
EP - soarin’
MK - I’d just wait for 7DMT


I’d probably do the most iconic rides, maybe:

-Tower of Terror or the new Millennium Falcon ride
-Kilimanjaro Safari or Flight of Passage (or Expedition Everest for coaster fans)
-Soarin’ or a World Showcase tour
-Splash Mountain or Pirates of the Caribbean

Could you switch the order and do dinner around Epcot and head to MK for fireworks? I would definitely make time for the projection/fireworks!


TOT, EE, Splash, Soarin.


I didn’t read yours first but great minds clearly think alike :joy:


I would probably go with the best available next FP and let the universe decide.


These are mine too with but - I might toy with FEA just because of it’s proximity to school bread :heart_eyes:

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I would have loved to but it’s a xmas part night so we will be kicked out of MK!

I would go with the best available. This is also a great opportunity to test the get one FP in the first park and immediately book the next two in two different parks.


Can you have a fp at 2 different parks?

Ooh I like this idea!

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Oh, that’s a bummer!! Epcot at night is so pretty though, you’ll still have a great time.

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Reports are if you prebook only one, once you scan in you can do the two parks. I have never tested it but I have been told this is the way it has always worked.


Ooh I will definitely test this!


Here are my choices:

MK: Pirates of the Caribbean
EP: Spaceship Earth
HS: Rock N Roller Coaster
AK: Kilimanjaro Safari


Yes you can.


Here is what I would attempt ion this scenario:

HS —> MFSR first thing, with a prebooked FPP for RNRC or TOT
(I know, broke your 1 ride per park rule right away, but this gets you on MF and uses a FPP)
*Right after you scan your FPP, book AK and MK FPP)
AK - EE or best available (At 11:01, try for same day FPP drop of FOP)
MK - BTMRR or Space Mt
EP - TT - Single Rider Line - Look for available FPP as well.

Sounds fun, good luck


Given that you won’t be able to RD any parks, I’d route MK-EP-HS-AK (or reverse that route) for efficiency of travel.

As for rides,

MK - 7DMT If the wait is manageable. BTMR if it isn’t.
EP - TT. You should be able to do MS (right next to it) with a reasonable wait.
HS - MFSR If the wait is reasonable. ToT if it isn’t. SDD if it’s new to you and you’ve done ToT enough before.
AK - FoP. Get FPP for this over anything else. If you still have spare time, NRJ afterward.

Just for comparison, the final day of our upcoming trip is going to be a 6AM-3.15PM dash round all four parks, and we have planned:

HS 0600-0730: MFSR, TSM, SDD, RNRC
EP 0800-0930: FEA, S
MK 1100-1230: HM, CBJ
AK 1315-1515: FoP (with FPP), NRJ

Absolutely consider making full use of the same day FPP drops! It might be best to not be too picky and just prioritise whatever you can get FPP for, you will see far more than way I’d think.

Have fun!


I’ve intentionally decided to not read anyone else’s until after I post this, so lets see how I compare!

HS: Tower of Terror (I have not ridden Millennium Falcon yet, so maybe that, but ToT is just so awesome)
AK: Flight of Passage (I have still not ridden Expedition Everest, but FoP is unlike anything other places)
MK: Splash Mountain - No question, no second best. This is my go-to “if I could only ride one” ride
EP: Spaceship Earth - I know, what about Soarin’/Test Track? Eh, I can do without them. Spaceship Earth will be going through a major refurb, and who knows what it will be like when they’re done with it. Might be Frozen Ever After II for all I know.

Okay, were my answers right?

Edit: I forgot about Toy Story Mania. If ToT isn’t your thing, that’s my 2nd choice at HS.

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