1 Park Per Day tickets question

I volunteered to plan my niece’s sweet 16 at WDW. However, when I was given a budget… her mom said, “I have no clue… how about $5,000?”

So yeah. I’m trying to figure out how to do a trip for a family of 5 for $5k or less… if that is even possible.

I myself always buy Park Hopper tickets… but I was looking at 1 Park Per Day tickets.

My question: Say you use your ticket to go to MK. You leave MK to take a break at your off-site hotel. Can you come back to MK later that evening since it’s the same park you started with earlier that day?



Where are you staying? $5k for a family of 5 is really tight if this includes airfare.

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I won’t be there, it’s for my husband’s family. But I honestly have no Idea how i’d get the trip down to $5k. If they insist, I was thinking of suggesting off-site at Holiday Inn Resort Orlando – Lake Buena Vista. I don’t even know how many days they are thinking… but even a 3-day 1 Park per Day tickets is $1900 for 5 people. Airfare is gonna be at least $1800. That hotel was around $1200. That leaves nothing for food, shopping, anything extra.

Sounds like there is some leeway. I would price out a $5K trip and then show a comparison for a more reasonable trip cost and see where they want to splurge.


You can sometimes find condos for $100-$150 night.

I don’t know how you’d get it down to $5k either.

Since she gave you a “I have no clue” type of response, she might have some wiggle room in that budget. I’ve often considered one of those $40/night hotels but I just can’t bring myself to actually do it. (like the Rodeway Main Gate)

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Yeah… let’s hope for the wiggle room! I have a hard enough time suggesting off-site as it is :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, I think suggesting multiple budgets is the way to go… we shall see what she thinks!


Which resort have you planned at $1,200?

Two rooms at value resort will most likely be cheaper than one room for 5 at moderate.

It was the Holiday Inn Resort Orlando – Lake Buena Vista. I tried looking at two rooms at the All Star Resorts but wasn’t finding availability. I’m gonna check again.

Online booking was a bit glitchy recently. Calling to book may work better.


My family of 4 flew down from Birmingham in January and stayed offsite at Windsor hills in a 3 bedroom condo with full kitchen and laundry. We rented a suv thru auto slash and enterprise, and went to walmart and bought groceries. We stayed Saturday to Saturday with 7 day regular tickets (not hoppers).
We packed our lunch and only bought 2 or 3 meals at Disney and we shared those, so our total budget was $5000. We spent just under that but our flight cost was only ($850).
I think it can be done but it will depend on what type of trip your SIL family is thinking.
Offsite means 30 fp and having to have a rental.


I agree this was a guess. Probably have no clue how much it costs. Find out if they want to buy their meals or bring their own and let them know if they buy there’s no way.

Probably Bonnet Wyndham Creek would be good because if the full kitchen and multiple rooms.

I think she’s in for a price shock.

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Wow, i’m impressed Jamey! I have a feeling she’ll be upping her budget once I give her some details. Also, the 60 day fp window and no need for a rental car are HUGE bonuses for staying on-site!
CBR offered a 6 night stay for just over $1800… that is a great price in my opinion. So hopefully I can convince her :slight_smile:

This may not help, but check Orbitz, Travelocity, Expedia, Hotwire AND priceline. Sometimes you can get a much better deal combining airfare with hotel.


Yup, I think you’re right! You know the funny thing? This isn’t their first trip to WDW… of course, their previous trip was several years ago, and I think they only went for like a weekend. But this is supposed to be a longer trip to celebrate the oldest’s 16th bday. So I’m all kinds of confused. Ha!

When is the trip? If it’s 2019, there’s a number of off-site (but mostly Disney Springs-area) hotels that have the 60 day fp window (and emh access) at least until the end of the year. And also check out the mousesavers newsletter, they often have good hotel deals, especially for the ones with the 60 day window.

Trip will be early June 2020, as my nieces bday is June 3rd. At least they gave me plenty of time to plan…

Yes, but for other Liners do you still have to get a hand stamp if you have a wrist band?

I don’t think they do hand stamps at all anymore. If you have a magic band you just use it to re-enter and otherwise I think you just use your ticket.