1 night September- do i wait to book or pull trigger now?

We are staying at Animal Kingdom for almost two weeks and our reservation (we rented DVC points) check out is on Sept 28th but we don’t fly home till 29th. Point being, we need a room for one night. We do not plan to be in the parks the last 2 days of our trip and want to enjoy a different resort. I’m thinking Port Orleans Riverside. Question: Do I hold out to book this one night or does anyone think better Fall deals are coming (that would apply to a one night hotel booking).

The best current deal I can get is 246 for Port Orleans French Quarter- do I pull the trigger or wait? Advice please!!

I would book now! You can always apply a discount later if available but I would lock in a room.


I’d do it now as not to risk not getting anything. Undercover tourist has POFQ for 232 bucks if you book by August 1

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oooh I didn’t know that, thanks for the advice!!! If I book through Undercover tourist, can I apply discounts later like PrincipalTinker says I can with Disney site?

And I just checked the Disney site for 1 night on the 28th of Sept for POFQ and it said nothing available??? but UC still showing availability

I believe there is a current wdw discount available for September. If you are not seeing it, it may be there are no rooms?

Sorry - not sure where I got the idea it was September @Fornear4 was looking at

The title of the thread says: 1 night in September?

Yes I’m looing in September- I didn’t specify that outside of the title- my fault! I edited it

I obviously need sleep or more coffee

Here is historical release dates for discounts. I think there is a typo on the one in effect through September

thanks! So with the historical link it looks like maybe there would be one more promotion coming that would apply to room only discount…but undercover tourist is already 20-30 bucks cheaper so maybe I should just book that. I don’t see Disney putting out a deal that would take me down more than $30 for a one night stay. Only other thing I could think of is calling Disney and explaining I’m spending nearly 2 weeks at animal kingdom, and the pool is now going to be closed at Jambo which is a bummer- can they give me a discount on a room for the 28th…do you guys think they’d do that or fat chance?

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Try it - what’s the worst that could happen? They say no

My main concern is that when you call you usually get the call center. You can try. There is a discount available until October 7th. Are there no rooms left or is there a minimum night stay?

There are rooms left- its just that the night we are asking for is a Friday night and usually discounts are for either a minimum 5 night (or so) stay or don’t apply to a fri/sat night.

I heard recently that Thursday and Friday nights were getting their own rates. I would jump on that UT room!