1 Month Home Resort Window?

I have seen that DVC legally has the ability to shorten the home resort booking window to just 1 month. Does anyone think this is likely to happen? And what would be the result if they did make this change? We are thinking about buying resale at Poly, because we would always be happy to stay there no matter what further restrictions DVC puts on resale buyers in the future. (And also because direct Poly is crazy expensive right now.) But losing that 4 month booking window advantage would be a huge detriment to people who bought resale at specific resorts just for the booking advantage. If the booking advantage was shortened to 1 month it seems like we might as well buy the cheapest resale points now instead of Poly. Thoughts?

Disney can make many changes in the future. DVC works for me because I am a planner. There are many times of the year that if I don’t book right at 11 months I will not get a room at CC. Any advantage to your home resort will be an advantage. I personally believe it is more likely that they will limit bookings to home resorts only.

Do they have the legal ability to limit booking to the home resort purchased? Is that in the contract language somewhere (specifically for people buying resale in the L14, not RR or any future resorts, I know they can and have changed those rules.)

They can change that for future buyers. Usually you will get notice before changes are put in place and so far they have grandfathered in everyone if they make changes.


For the original DVC Resorts, I don’t think they can. From my understanding, it is written into the deeds. Otherwise they would have done it when they imposed the RR restrictions.

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