1 day PH tickets

Are there any sites that offer discounts on 1 day tickets?
I’ve gone on my bjs membership, UT and AAA and it looks as though the minimum purchase is 3 day.

Any other suggestions?


I havent seen any

I don’t think there’s ever been a site that does discounts on single day tickets sadly.

Sadly that is what I thought. Bummer!

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I looked into discounted 1-day tickets a few months back…and…well, there are none. It seems Disney doesn’t even allow discounted single-day tickets (even convention tickets, etc). I pretty much checked every avenue.

Your best bet is just buy direct if you are doing a single day. That’s what we ended up doing.

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I can see this through my convention but I have no idea if it’s a discount or not. Yikes I hope not.


1-2 day tickets generally aren’t discounted very well, if at all. There’s some marginal savings at 3 days, but 4-5 is where the savings start flowing.

Sadly- yes it is- but not by much!


Convention tickets do a nice discount on 2 day tickets. For one day, they rely on those “after 1:00” and “after 5:00” tickets. And the park hopper version of those is not cheap.


I have a 2-day park hopper listed as $322 if that takes the sting out?

Oh, also, 2 “after 1pm” tickets is $207. So you could potentially get more time at two parks for like a dollar less if that makes sense.


Thanks all,
My nephew is driving up just for one day. I’m hoping he will come the evening before, then have a full park day, so I def need a whole day. But, I’ll look at the convention tix.

I’l echo what everyone else already said - but for the convention tickets I will add that although they aren’t technically discounted on 1 day tickets, they do sell at a particular price that does not follow the regular Disney ticket tiers.

So, if you happen to need to use the ticket on a low tier day, it might be the same price or a few dollars less. But, if going on a high price tier day the savings might be decent.

Otherwise, the minimal work move for a little savings is to buy Disney gift cards at Target using a Red card to get 5% off, then use those gift cards to buy a ticket.


One more question regarding this-

Nephew is in the process of changing address etc to be a Florida resident-
He has a bank statement but his license isn’t changed yet, and since he is staying with a friends family he doesn’t have a utility bill.
Looking online i think he may still be eligible for a Florida rate for a park ticket…
However right now the discounts are only until March 15.
Do they usually release more through the year for residents?
He will be using his ticket in April!

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I imagine he’s going to have to update his MDE account with his correct address too

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Generally, yes. But I don’t know they will do one for April if the current one ends in March. It’s just a guess though. The best thing would be for him to get a FL license before he uses a FL ticket. But other forms of identification can be used. I saw a list somewhere on Disney.