1 Day PH Tickets? and Maxipass

I’ve been to DLR MANY times, usually for several days at a time, but not since 2012. I "might’ add a single day at DLR at the end of a business trip to CA in Jan. Are 1-Day PH tickets available? Also, I know nothing about the DLR Maxipass. I know I could probably search through the site to find it, but I was wondering if the all-knowing Liners could maybe give me a quick rundown on what it is and how it works. Thanks!

Yes, one day park hoppers are available and the UG even has a great plan for splitting the day. It is quite the expense to get the park hopper for just the day and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a discounted 1 day ticket for DL ever, but I still could not imagine literally being steps away from one or the other and not being able to go in. I would only ever suggest it if you were a strong fan of one park over the other. EDIT: To clarify, I would only suggest sticking to one park (vs. getting the PH) if you happen to love one & only mildly care about the other.

Funny you should ask about MaxPass… I just gave a rundown in my last response to someone asking: Fast Pass option for tickets?

Let me know if that answers your questions on it! We’ve only tried it out the one day & I loved the convenience but it is a lot of extra $$$ for me to add for the whole family to our Annual Passes so we haven’t made that jump yet.

Thank you - that explained a lot. So basically, for $10, I gain the ability to book FPs on my phone vice at the kiosks; sounds reasonable for one person on one packed day…


You also get access to Photo Pass for the day - which is could be quite valuable or totally meaningless, depending.

We used MaxPass in August over 5 days and loved it. Awesome experience bouncing from one headliner to another always in the FP line…

You will love it for all the reasons @Damavs points out. I really enjoyed the convenience of eliminating those extra steps walking to the kiosk. Especially for those DCA where GotG & RSR go so fast.

I hope you do end up adding a day! The new railroad is so well done and you’ll be able to also see some improved effects on Matterhon & Peter Pan (but still as slow as ever loading for Pan). Also, GotG will be all new & is really awesome. And this is coming from someone who was so mad that the HTH was getting overthrown.

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