1 Day Park Hopper combined with 3 day pass

I purchased (4) one day park hopper tickets at a silent auction. If I purchase a 3 day pass and combine it with the one day park hopper, will the park hopper extend to the other 3 days, since the park hopper seems to be a one lump sum, no matter how many days of passes you purchase?

Your park hopper tickets are good for one day each. so you could chose one of your days to park hop.

I assume you are a family of 4, so each will have one park hopper ticket, once you link them to MDE. They will show up separately from the 3-day ticket.

The park hopper ticket is good for one day. If you then decide you want to park hop for another day, you can add the hopper option to the 3-day ticket. The price will be the same to add whether you do it on day 1 or day 3, you will still need to pay to add it for 3 days.

Short answer is no, it won’t. You have two separate tickets and only the 1-day has Park Hopper.

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Check with guest services and they will priorities your tickets. Allowing you to use the Parkhopper ticket before or after the 3 day ticket.

Thank you! Very helpful!

Thank you!