1-day Memory Maker for MNSSHP

Did anyone buy the memory maker 1-day just for MNSSHP, this week? I want to confirm it’s available and where it can be bought.
Resort hotel or only at MK?


As best I can tell, this is not being offered at this time. There have been no announcements.

This is where I saw it for 2015 - is this a reliable place for info???

Reliable source, yes. But in the form of a comment from Disney PR in April, rather than an announcement like this from last year:

I can tell you from my experience it was not an available option this week. I purchased my ticket for last Friday’s party at the last minute and no option was given.
Note that even last year, it wasn’t announced until mid-October. So “available for the party” doesn’t necessarily mean “available for every party” either. Trust me, the idea of paying for photos individually or a full MM for one night is making me cringe.