1 day at Universal During Xmas Holiday

Family will be in WDW over Christmas Break. Some of us are going to Universal for just one day-mainly for Harry Potter, but I know once there, people will want to try other rides, shows, etc. We are buying the 2 park pass. Thinking about booking a room at one of the Universal hotels that offer Universal express pass, as the cost of the hotel is nearly that of just the express passes, plus you get early entry.
Normally, I wouldn’t go to all of this expense, but because it’s just one day at high crowd levels, I also don’t want to spend $$$$ on just tickets and not be able to see or do much in the limited time we will have. My thinking is the express pass will maximize the day.
Advice, opinions and thoughts appreciated!

The one night stay could in fact get you two days of express pass plus early entry. I think it is a good strategy. Check out all costs and figure out what will work for you.

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I haven’t done Universal then, but we did a trip to Disney which fell during the Christmas break. Now, you literally couldn’t pay me to go during the time period. I expect Universal to be similar. As such, I think taking advantage of Express Pass and Early entry is pretty the only way to go. Staying on site just makes it all the nicer.

I think your strategy is a good one. I completely agree about trying to get the most out of your time, and having early entry and Express Pass will definitely make that easier, as will staying on site that one night.

Thanks All! Hotel booked!