1 day and can only go during HHN

Hello everyone! I am new to UOR. I last went the year it opened up and I am not even the one going this time. My daughter loves HP and wants to go for her birthday present this year while we are at Disney, but we don’t arrive until 10/31 and the only days they can go are either 11/1 or 11/2. This is during HHN. I saw the park closes at 5 on those days, as they would definitely not be going to the HHN. Is this going to be enough time to hit the headliners? Is it it worth it for the cost of the tickets? Would you recommend the express pass? Thanks so much!!! We talked with her about it last night, so now we have to find a way to make it work :wink:

Are you only going to Universal? You are skipping Islands of Adventure (should be open later). If you only have one day I would do the two parks with express pass. She will want to ride the Hogwarts Express.

I think they are going to do both parks. Is HHN only in 1 park and then the other park stays open later? I have a lot of research to do still.

HHN has been Universal. Islands of Adventure has been open until about 8 I believe.

As @PrincipalTinker said, IOA should be open later than USF. If your daughter is only planning on doing Harry Potter, I don’t think the Express Pass will be necessary. If she would like to do other areas of the park as well, the Express Pass would be a godsend.

Thanks everyone for your help. Any advice on things my 9 year old might enjoy beyond HP. Now that we are getting closer and I am not going, but am the primary planner, I am getting nervous for them. Natural Liner response I suppose.

Spiderman at IOA is an awesome ride that we always do multiple times. Men In Black at USF is also a lot of fun. Despicable Me can get really long lines, but it is a fun ride.

If she is a thrill ride lover, my kids love the Hulk roller coaster and really enjoyed The Mummy as well.

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