1 Day/2 Parks Express Unlimited HHN?

Going in September and debating what day to go and if Express Unlimited is needed. We are debating between a Monday 2nd day at WDW where hours are 9-7 at both Universal parks. Or go on a Friday where UF is only open until 5. We would prefer to go Friday, but also want to make sure we get our monies worth for 1 day. Whichever option we choose, is Express Unlimited worth it, or would we only have time to ride the rides once? We aren’t huge HP fans, but would check it out. My boys, 11,9 love roller coasters though.

Thoughts as we have never been to Universal.


If the unlimited is in the budget you shouldn’t have any problem with rerides on the coasters and probably wouldn’t notice a difference closing a little earlier on Friday. EP is great and the kids will feel like VIPs!

Have you thought of chaning your hotel stay to stay at a hotel that includes it? I know when I looked - it was cheaper to stay at a Deluxe hotel and get the EP than it was to purchase 4 separate Express Passes - just a thought. Then you don’t need to choose - you could use it both days