1 bedroom suite vs 2 rooms

Recently decided after thinking about past trips with my kids that I prefer to have my own sleeping area and so do they. I’ve moved us from Paradise Pier into a 1 bedroom suite at Disneyland hotel which is about the same price as two rooms. Two rooms means two bathrooms and I know they have connecting rooms as we’ve done that in the past with my parents. I’d really prefer a king bed in my room and two queens in kids if we did connecting rooms (they really don’t like sharing a bed at 14 and 17). Two rooms is better right? because real beds for everyone and no sleeper sofas. Even the kids have to know the difference at this point. Plus two bathrooms. And I don’t think 1 bedroom suites get any special club level access so it’s not like we’re losing any amenities. So if it’s the same price isn’t it better to get two rooms over a 1 bedroom suite? Am I missing any real advantage to the suite? From YouTube videos some of the suites seem to have balconies but not all of them and they are probably on higher floors so better views but is that worth one less bathroom and real beds?


The advantage of the 1BR is the kitchen / laundry. If you’re not using that, I’d go with two rooms.



My trip later this year I’m opting for two rooms mostly because of beds/bath as well. It’s a big deal on vacation.

Side note, my 1 bed villa at BLT has 2 bathrooms, (Probably, it’s been SOOOOOOOOOO long) but would still require DS to sleep on the pullout sofa, which he says isn’t very comfortable. I’m trying to remember if the DVC 1 beds had 2 baths at GCH too. I don’t think they did.


2 rooms with 2 bathrooms is amazing. There are some with full kitchen and laundry. They even have a vacuum. I came back to the room to find my BFF vacuuming​:rofl::rofl: Duh… after I typed that I realize its DLH. I was thinking GCH. Anyway 2 rooms 2 bathrooms at DLH is just as amazing. The sofa beds are definitely tight. I’d give views for an extra bathroom :blush:


How about a 2BR? :smiley: They don’t call me the voice of reason for nothing :wink:

Okay that’s probably not reasonable.

With a couple of teenagers and two adults I think you need that extra bathroom. And a 1BR is kinda squishy still, with sleeping in the living room thing.

2BR all the way :wink: (they also call me The Enabler)


I recently priced out two bedrooms vs a one bedroom suite. I decided on the suite. Then I saw the 2BR Junior suite which was only $100 more. As it was for just one night, I went that route to get the two bathrooms and two legit bedrooms. That room type was not available when I originally booked but was when I was looking to upgrade to the full 2BR suite.


Yeah it’s not available for me right now either but I check every day in case someone drops it.

To all who care…a 2 bedroom junior suite opened up at Disneyland Hotel and I snatched it up quick. It was the last one because now there are none! It still doesn’t have a kitchen but it does have two bathrooms!