1 Bedroom Club Level RESORT view at Animal Kingdom Lodge

Has anyone booked a 1 Bedroom Club Level RESORT view at Animal Kingdom Lodge? I know before they brought in the Resort View as a category all most all of the Club Level rooms were Savanna views. I am thinking this room has a less appealing Savanna View but I can not find out for sure. Even Touring Plans doesn’t have it as an option. I need to know. PLEASE HELP!

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Is this different than a pool view? That’s what comes to mind. Otherwise you’re looking at a parking lot or the savanna?

I’m not in the booking engine right now or I would probably be able to answer my own question.

Also: welcome!

The booked Category is Resort View 1 bedroom club level (I really want savanna View) I have searched every way possible and can not find it on the room map.

Yeah I don’t think all of the TP categories have been updated.

I was more curious if pool view is different than resort view in the booking engine. Because IMO the only way you can be viewing the resort without viewing the savanna would be a pool view. Everything else to me looks at the savanna or a parking lot

That was my take too, either pool or poor savanna view. I only see three 1 bedroom Club Level (non-DVC) rooms at all.

When I look at Disney’s site, there are only two bookable categories for 1 BR club level. One is Savanna view, the other is resort view. Looking at the map, resort view faces the pool.

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What map?

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TP’s room finder.

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I tried looking and do not see one for 1 bedroom Club Level (non-DVC) Resort View. The ones in the map above seem to be DVC rooms vs. regular AKL rooms.


TP’s room finder only had one choice in the drop-down list of room type, and it is “1 Bedroom Villa - Club Level.” WDW will let anyone book DVC rooms as if they were just a hotel room. I went into WDW’s site on the hotel side, not the Villas side.

It’s not a DVC room though, I know anyone can book the DVC rooms if available, but they have the full kitchens and washer and dryers. This room doesn’t. It’s such a mystery and driving me crazy! TO’s room finder shows 3 Savanna View Club Level one bedrooms but no Resort Views.

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Yeah, after looking at room photos on WDW’s site, I agree that TP really needs to update their list of room types to include what is called a 1 Bedroom Suite - Club Level Access. Key words being suite vs villa. TP has a 2 Bedroom Suite - Club Level as a room type, but not the 1BR Suite. :rage:

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I can’t even find a room that it “could be” by searching all of the rooms that look larger on the TP map! LOL I am now obsessed!

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So after MUCH much research I think it’s room 1481. It’s not marked on TP as a Club Level, but it’s the only one bedroom I can find that is not Savanna View.