1/2 Day at Universal (after our plane lands)

Hi! This is our 1st trip to Uni & WDW - DDs are 5 & 8. Our flight’s arriving around 11:30 a.m. during Spring Break. We’re thinking about spending that first 1/2 day at Universal (and then 2 more days after that). We’re staying at CB with unlimited fast passes for all 3 days. Should we build in time to relax at the pool first, then go to the park(s)? Have lunch at CB or one of the parks? Or since DD8 is a huge Harry Potter fan, should we just spend that 1/2 day touring the HP parts and hit the pool later in the evening? What would you do with those 6+ hours after your plane lands? TIA!

Hit the parks. Even if its just to walk through Wwohp and ride a few if the quieter rides. Do a tp based on your arrival time. Hit the wet rides in IOA last then back to hotel for pool time. You can pool hop to other pools onsite also . Some have evening movies.

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Thanks! Those are great ideas. I would’ve forgotten to put the wet rides last. :smile:

For lunch either leaky cauldron or 3 broomsticks for Dd to get her hp fix would be a great start also. Both are CS so although you will wait to order you dont need a Reservation.

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