So I’m thinking about rescheduling my May 15th trip to June 5th. How insane do you think the crowds might be if Disney re-opens on 06/01/2020. Insane crowds due to first weekend that it will be back open?? I could possibly do June 12th instead. Just wanting other opinions. Thanks

There are so many unknowns with this whole thing: when will shelter in place end in different places, when will people feel safe taking flights (domestic and international), what will be the economic impact of this, when parks will open and how will they open (any extra safety measures?). It is way too many variables to try to predict crowd levels with any precision.

Chose dates that work best for your family, if it happens that crowd levels are too high, you will know how to deal with that, this forum is here for you! And remember that having large WDW crowds is a great sign that things are safe and the economic hit wasn’t so bad :smile:


If International travel is still very limited, I would not expect WDW to be busy.
If the overall economy continues to tank, and few businesses open, people will not be using unemployment checks or stimulus checks to go to WDW.

For sites and discussions boards like this — everyone is eager for the parks to open back up. For the general public, casual Disney fan, no one else is thinking about it.

The concern, is how will WDW manage at least a modest amount of social distancing in queues, at the opening of HS, or at the hub during Happily Everafter. The virus isn’t going away just because WDW opens back up.


If they don’t reopen until June 1, my guess is it will be very slow on June 5.