You're doing Disney without Genie+ and LL...are you CRAZY? An inside & outside the parks trip report!

My sister and I go to WDW often, just the two of us, with no kids…a couple of 40 somethings out to indulge in the childish wonder in our hearts! A couple of years ago, we really wanted to do annual passes for Disney. But the company we both worked for had other plans for us. That company decided that the 4000+ people they had working in our building needed to move “somewhere else”. They up and closed our building, forcing all employees to either relocate to another state or leave the company. We both chose the latter. Successfully finding new jobs in mid to late 2019 meant we didn’t have squat for vacation time. So no annual passes at that time. Probably best because of the pandemic hitting shortly after that.

Fast forward to late 2020. We have both built back up substantial time off with our current jobs. And to top it off, our side gig Etsy shop was taking off like a rocket online because of the pandemic. That side gig pays for our Disney trips, so now we could afford up to 4 trips per year both in time and money. Things were coming together. We were two weeks away from purchasing those annual passes for a stellar 2022 when Disney pulled the rug out from under us. Annual passes suspended! Having our first trip planned in late January/early February 2022…ok, no big deal. All the rumors said Disney only pulled annual passes so they could get through Christmas without another lawsuit like in CA. When mid-January rolled around with still no passes, we compromised. We changed that trip over to a Universal trip and added a few days in Epcot for FOA. Great Trip but only a couple days in Disney parks. But it was going to be okay because we had our next trip planned for April.

Now, trip #2 is on the way for early April 2022. As we watched the rumor mill on the annual passes, we thought maybe they would come back shortly after the usual February price hike. Nothing. As the date of no return approached, we had a decision to make. We could NOT afford daily tix for 4 trips in a year. So what to do instead? Finally, when the decision was forced, we decided to use trip #2 (which already had hotel, air, and car booked) to explore the other many options of Orlando with a couple days in Disney parks. We would still be able to eat at Disney resorts and go to DS, but we chose one day in MK and one day in EP (for the festival of course). The rest of our time will be spent outside of Disney, seeing what else Orlando and surrounding area have to offer us.

But what are we doing about the rest of the years trips? Sadly, with the current rumor mill and no confidence in Disney right now, we decided to change things up a bit. We always wanted to do a Disney cruise. My sister will be my cruising companion because my husband gets extreme motion sickness. We decided to combine our two future trips this year into one bigger cruise trip in December. No parks for that one as the cruise we picked leaves from Galveston and not Canaveral. But still exciting.

Now we are T minus 23 hrs and counting to said trip #2. And the post from @Dreamer about SW troubles has me nervous! Our SW flight is booked for 12:20 pm tomorrow right when the thunderstorms are supposed to be approaching Orlando. I am an absolute wreck right now. I will be keeping an eye on that flight every hour for the next 24 hours…hoping that we don’t have to find another way to get to FL.

This trip will be loaded with Disney foods…we are food junkies…and not so much Disney parks. And yes, as the title says, we plan to do both EP and MK without Genie+ or LL. I mean, we are liners after all, right? We can do this! TP has given me a very naïve outlook and probably bolstered my confidence too much in what I can get done without either. Our plan is this right now:

Arrive Sat 4/2 in late afternoon with an ADR at Homecomin’ for 9:40 pm (I know it’s late but it was all we could get)

Sun 4/3: SeaWorld and the Seven Seas Food Festival (exciting…more food!)

Mon 4/4: Kennedy Space Center

Tue 4/5: Ale &Compass Bfast, ICON Park (Just doing the wheel and wax museum right now with a stop for lunch), Wolfgang Dinner at DS

Wed 4/6: Epcot (festival food all the way!)

Thu 4/7: Steakhouse 71 Bfast, Orlando Zoo, Maya Grill Dinner

Fri 4/8: MK with lunch at Skippers

Sat 4/9: Trattoria BFast, with DS for the rest of the day, leave by 4 pm for flight

I want to keep the trip report going to whole time, but I can’t make any promises with all our new adventures. And I won’t be able to update anything after work today until I reach the airport tomorrow. Our internet provider at home has lost their marbles…and their speed. So WiFi at home isn’t happening right now. Hopefully, something doesn’t happen to my flight or I might have to go to my gym just for their internet!


Sorry my post stressed you out. Sending all the positive thoughts your way.

What a roller coaster the past few years have been job wise for you. So cool your Etsy business is so successful.

Disney not selling APs right now sucks. Sorry. But your nonpark plans look fun.


Oh, don’t be sorry at all. If anything, I am sorry for you! That is a disastrous thing to happen and you guys are making the best of it. I’m just glad you gave the heads up so I can keep a diligent watch on the flight.

Safe travels to you both. I heard you were already in FL!


Watch that flight carefully. I don’t know what happened to ours in the four hours we were asleep :joy:


I will be following this report closely! I was actually just thinking about starting a thread asking if I’m the only Liner crazy enough to NOT use Genie+! I feel like everyone has been saying how much they hate it, but still had to use it. So I’m curious to see how it goes for you!

Hope all goes smoothly with your flight tomorrow!


We did Epcot in early Feb without either and had a great time. I really don’t think it is needed in that park at all…unless you don’t want to rope drop Remy or wait in line for it. We did the early entry for Remy on one day and managed several rides on everything by the end while still having time to paint on the wall at the Festival and eat all the food.

My concern is MK but we will see on Friday…

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I’m not too worried about MK, because we have three days planned there! My big concern is HS, which I know you’re not doing. I may have to convince DH that we need to fork out the money just for that park :woman_shrugging:


I would consider it for HS, if we were going.


I have to take a minute to thank @Dreamer . Your trip report yesterday about the SW quandry saved our trip!

As I’m getting ready for sleep last night, wrapping up a few remaining things at 10:30pm, I look at my phone one more time. It happened…SW cancelled our 12:20 pm flight!

Luckily, I was ready for this and almost expected it. What I wasn’t ready for was the slim options of rebookings. Knowing the weather situation in FL for the day, and knowing that any arrival after noon would be at risk, we chose the only option left. It’s a 5 am flight for us. No, I did not get ANY sleep last night and we were on the road at 3 am. And Starbucks isn’t open yet in MCI! Ugh, this is going to be a looooonnnnggggg day.


Sitting in the airport with nothing better to do, we picked up a Sebastián’s Bistro to replace our Maya Grill dinner on Thursday. And we also grabbed a Maria & Enzos brunch for today at 1:45 pm. Cause why not?


So more delay…apparently a system wide outage for SW is holding EVERY flight in the country. They can’t prep a flight plan for any flight so they can’t board. But hey, Starbucks opened and we have caffeine!


Oh no! I hope you make it out soon. What a mess.


OMG! I’m glad you were on top of things and able to rebook same day, but wtf SouthWest??? I would never dare to fly them (not like I really have the option in CLT) bc their system seems to be extremely fragile. It’s hard to trust a company whose core product fails an embarrassing number of times. Glad you finally got some coffee though!


WTF is wrong with SW? I mean, seriously? Makes me glad we switched it up to JetBlue for this trip…

Hope you get in the air soon and get back into the magic as soon as you can!


So sorry about the SW troubles. It is just one thing after another with them :frowning_face:

I can’t wait to hear about your NASA day. That is part of our plans for our June family trip. We too have scaled back. It will be our first trip that we chose not to get park tickets for every day. In the past, I’d get tickets for every day with park hopper even on days we only planned for a few hours but tickets are just too expensive now. I’m grateful that I have an AP, which I may never let lapse again, but can’t buy them for the rest of the family so we cut back. I’m sorry not getting an AP has so drastically changed your plans. I do not understand where they are coming from with this one!

Have a great trip!!


Sorry about southwest troubles! :confused: I’ll be following as I’m curious how trips without Genie + are going!


We made it!!! Breakfast of champions while we wait for bags.


First stop…


Great idea!

Stop #2