Your WDW Top Five

Time for one of my “fun” threads.

What is your WDW Top Five?

The Rules
Your top five may include a meal in a restaurant, a ride, a show, a parade. It may include an upcharge event that covers a single thing (e.g. HEA dessert party) but not one that covers a range of things (e.g. DAH). You may add detail (e.g. riding SDD at night). You must not name anything embracing more than one item (so you can’t say “Toy Story Land”, but you can say “wondering around Toy Story Land at night”). You may include a resort provided you mention something specific (e.g. “the lobby at GF”). It is better to include a mix of rides, shows, restaurants, etc.

Mine (in no particular order)

  1. HEA dessert party (i.e. including HEA itself: the projections are awesome)
  2. FOP (makes me grin like a young child)
  3. SDD at night (so pretty, and fun!)
  4. Cinderella Castle during MVMCP (stunningly beautiful)
  5. The Christmas finale to IllumiNations (literally breathtaking)

When trying to think up my list, it occurred to me just how important MK is. I tried to have something from each park, though I didn’t want to force it. I was surprised there were no restaurants in my list — I’ve enjoyed many of them, but none were as memorably perfect.

My “nearly made it” list:

The view down Main Street from the train station
Breakfast at 1900PF
Candlelight Processional
GF lobby
WL lobby
Getting a window table at Sanaa

  1. brunch at the top
  2. Cinderellas castle at Christmas
  3. boo to you parade.
  4. Wilderness lodge lobby
  5. fireworks in MK

this will likely change as we haven’t been in 3 years. there was no Pandora or Toy Story land last we were there

  1. WAT
  2. HEA
  3. Nomad Lounge
  4. CG Brunch
  5. Empty MK photo at end of DAH
  1. HEA from the hub. (dessert party or squished in with the rest of humanity, either way I love it)
  2. watching the Christmas parade
  3. riding Soarin’, and smelling all the smells
  4. Sipping an ice cold mint tea while checking out the museum in Morocco
  5. Festival of Fantasy Parade
  1. Candlelight Processional
  2. Watching my 7yo try to hold his arms up on roller coasters like daddy
  3. Muppets Great Moments in History
  4. Churros
  5. HEA
  1. HEA
  2. FOP
  3. Snow on Main Street during MVMCP
  4. FoTLK
  5. Strolling through World Showcase at night

This is a bitter point for me as they didn’t do the snow when I was there last year. That’s why this year I’m doing MVMCP twice! Just to be sure!

I would be super bummed if there weren’t any snow. It is absolutely magical! Jealous you get to go to two MVMCPs and happy for you at the same time, of course :wink:

  1. Riding ToT at night.
  2. People watching on Main Street with an iced coffee or Mickey Ice Cream.
  3. Watching the fireworks while on Splash Mountain.
  4. Indiana Jones Show
  5. Haunted Mansion

If I could only do ONE thing in each of the parks and one resort is how I’ll break it down:

  1. Candlelight Processional at night.
  2. Splash Mountain
  3. Rivers of Light version before this revamped version
  4. Star Wars Dessert Party
  5. 'Ohana breakfast for this Lilo & Stitch loving family.
  1. Fantasmic!
  2. Splash Mountain
  3. Riding the monorail through the Contemporary
  4. HEA dessert party
  5. Spaceship Earth
  1. Haunted Mansion at Night
  2. Ferry ride to MK
  3. HEA
  4. World Showcase
  5. Park Hopping

I’m probably gonna feel like an idiot, but what is WAT? When I tried to search it, Google autocorrects me to “walt” Disney.

Wild Africa Trek


Ah! Nope, never would have guessed that one :smile:. Though, maybe I should add it to my TP one of these days.

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Family trip:

  1. HEA
  2. BBB with DD4
  3. Peoplemover
  4. Riding the carousel with the stepsisters (I’m going to try to post my video!)
  5. CRT

Solo/adults trip:

  1. Brunch at CG
  2. Dinner at Jiko
  3. FOP
  4. Early EMH @ HS (rode everything 3x in 2 hours)
  5. Late night touring

Ok. Top 5 huh??

  1. The first time every trip emerging onto Main St USA. Dang pixie dust in my eyes

  2. Riding people mover especially at night

  3. Soarin. Especially over California

  4. The Haunted Mansion. Has become more of a favorite since doing the Marceline to MK tour

  5. Seeing Maleificent in the Festival of Fantasy Parade

Runners up
Splash Mountain
Kilimanjaro Safari
Tower of terror
Rock n rollercoaster


Eating in the covered area down by the water near FlameTree BBQ while listening to the screams from Expedition Everest.

Rock n Roller Coaster.

1900 Park Fare for supper.

Rocking in a rocking chair at Crockett’s Tavern at Fort Wilderness.

Model trains near Germany in World Showcase.

(DH says WDW in the rearview mirror.)


That’s very sad. :frowning:

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  1. MDE congratulatory alerts when you are crushing fastpasses.

  2. Sunny day, test track, front seat - when you bust out onto the track. Front seat only. It’s a whole diff ride in the front seat.

  3. Pineapple float, sitting on the concrete wall next to Aloha Aisle, and Aladdin.


  5. TOT double digit times in a 5 day trip - I think we hit 14. You’ll still get the drop sensation at random times a few weeks later, and have a stupid grin for a few sec.

At any given second, these alternates could have made the cut:
Emm at Hollyweird - worth every penny.
Sw Dessert Party
HEA Dessert party
Knowing how to do Dining Plan math.
Epcot Area Resorts and Park Hoppers (FTW)