Your Top 3 Epcot WS Treats

I can research more, but just for a start, and possibly for some fun for some of you to remember. 2 adults, and DS 9. Looking for the AWESOME, do not miss, snacks/treats while meandering WS between an 11:30 Sunshine Seasons lunch and a Teppan Edo dinner at 5. We know we need to restrain ourselves, and we’ll split one thing between 3 ppl so we can each just get a taste.
No schoolbread. Coconut flakes are not my thing. I LOVE coconut flavor, hate the flakes.

We’re VERY adventurous eaters. DS9 is sushi/crab legs/indian food - no problem.

Things that I’m thinking of:
Splitting a small bag of caramel corn in Germany
The French Ice cream place - I promised myself I’d do a comparison of that vs Ample Hills.
Japanese Shaved Ice

Also, it’ll be during F&W, so that’s fair game as well. I’ll read up on the booths.

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I’m the exact same way about coconut! I can eat it toasted, but no way to the flakes. I feel like I’m chewing on grass. I prefer to drink my coconut in the form of a pina colada. :grin:

We really like the napoleon at Les Halles in France. I personally cannot pass up the limoncello cocktail from the beverage cart in Italy, but don’t think you would want to share that with DS9. I wasn’t impressed with the caramel corn in Germany… it was stale and chewy, more so than caramel corn should be.

Any of the pastries/desserts at Les Halles
Fish and chips at Yorkshire
Japanese shaved ice
My personal fav is the sea salt dark choc caramel in Germany

Going to food and wine in a few weeks so no help there but I read/watched lots of reviews/vlogs on the food booths.


adding to my next trip list! Is it really sweet?

Warm chocolate pudding at the Irish booth was fabulous!

We really enjoyed the ice cream cones at L’Artisan des Glaces in France. They also have ice cream sandwiches with the macarons if that is more your style.


No, I don’t think so and I don’t drink super sweet drinks. I know this sounds dangerous, but drink it quickly if it’s hot out. :smile:

It 's served straight up, so no ice and it gets warm quick.

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I don’t have the snack guide handy right now, but the things I have on my spreadsheet to remember for our upcoming trip (so I haven’t actually tried them) are:
Macaron ice cream sandwich in France
Meatballs in Norway
Nic Nacs and Nudel gratin in Germany



Far. Too. Dangerous.

I love the caramel apple cookies in Germany…I usually get a couple to bring home. If you like caramel and sweets in general, SO many good things there. I also love the hummus fries that are available at the Morocco F&W booth. One more month until I get to have both again!


There is a great app (it’s free) that lists all of the items at each booth along with the price. You can add your favorites to your wish list and then see a map of where everything is that you want to try.

If you search under WDW Food & Wine in the app store you can download it. Apparently this company does this for all of the festivals

We love the caramel popcorn in Germany and get it to munch on during Illuminations. It has never been stale or chewy. Maybe because we get it freshly made and eat it right away. Anything caramel covered in Germany is delish!

I tend to eat plant based (wouldn’t call myself vegan, but close) and I love the Greek nachos from the booth so much, I’m trying a copycat recipe later this week. My family is excited to do this over our spring break trip. So, I’ll be following along for people’s answers

Both Epcot and Animal Kingdom have the Impossible Burger. My fiance was so happy to learn that!

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Disney does a great job for vegans. Really amazing compared to any other vacation I go on.

Ice cream there is fabulous! Definitely recommend!

I’m very much a meatasaurus, but I really like the Impossible Burgers. I think, however, that I prefer the Beyond Burgers even more. Not sure if you or the fince have tried them. As good as the Impossible Burgers are, I think the Beyond Burgers are even better.

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